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This is a group for anyone who loves Karaoke, ages 21-108, single, couples, other, good singers, bad singers, bad singers that thinks they are a good singer, or good singesr that think they are a bad singer, shy singers, diva singers, first time singers, veteran singers, LGBTQAO+ singers, Cis singers, and even those who are obsessed with only singing Disney tunes, Musicals or Elton John (yeah, you know who you are).

Events will be at any Karaoke Bar/Restaurant in and around the greater Twin Cities area on both weekdays and weekends . The first few will probably be at Minneapolis Karaoke bars, but we are open to suggestions. We will also keep a running list of known Karaoke nights.

Join us to sign your heart out!


1. Why are you limiting the number of people at events? Karaoke can be very fun with a good large group. 5 people in a rotation is too little, but 40 is too much. We are starting by limiting events to 15-20 people per event, because more than that will be a lot of singers. I would expect some no-shows as is typical so approximately 10-15 at event.

1a. So what happens when someone no-shows? Nothing for now as we just started, but we will track no shows. If it gets to be a problem, or multiple no shows, we will address as it's not fair to those on a waitlist.

2. What about an event at XYZ bar by me? Sure! Erica, or Brian or other organizers are happy to co-host an event with you, and will be looking for people to host independently as we grow as well. Just send us a message!

3. Why do you want a picture of us in our profile or otherwise? Mostly because this is an online meetup group, and we want to be cautious and safe for all when hosting an event with a bunch of new people.

4. What happens if I feel uncomfortable/unsafe, or have a conflict at the event with another person at the event? We have a zero harassment policy, and are generally protective of our people. Please speak to Brian, Erica or your organizer immediately, or speak to location staff if you feel unsafe in any way. I have yet to see an issue like this at a Meetup group, but if we did, we got your back.

5. Why do you suggest we buy something at events? Honestly, just because ethically speaking it's the right thing to do. Most Karaoke bars are locally owned, have no cover charge, but they have to pay a Karaoke company to come out and run Karaoke. The least we can do is buy a basket of fries or a beer. It's just the right thing to do, but we are not the food police so do what you want!

6. How much does this cost to run? On June 26, 2019 this meetup was established for $69.26 for 6 months. The next fee is 98.84 for 6 months (the normal fee) on December 26th, 2019. So total for this year would be $168. If this group is still going strong come December, I may put out a request for voluntary minimal fundraising (or you know, buy me a drink ;)), but will never make this group fee-exclusive.

Message Erica or Brian with any other questions and Welcome!

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Vegas Lounge!

Vegas Lounge

Let's get our sing on at the Vegas Lounge! Vegas Lounge has been a karaoke focused venue for many years. They have karaoke 7 days a week and I chose earlier in the week due to the high volume of people that go on the weekends. So we should be able to get a decent amount of songs in. If you want to see what songs they have, they do have a PDF link on their website. They serve Heggies pizzas and 2-4-1 drinks are from 8p-9p (if you want to come early). Website says late night happy hour is from 11p-close. Hope you can make it out!

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Late Night Karaoke - Halloween Style!

The Dog House Bar & Grill

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