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Twin Cities North Suburban Running Training Times (NS TTs) organized by ACSM Certified Exercise Physiologist and USATF certified Coach Gary Westlund, and Founder/President of Charities Challenge gathers Saturday mornings for running and/or race walking group training. A variety of training will be pursued by a variety of athletes of all ages and abilities, and each pursuing varying athletic/fitness goals.

Wintertime training will correspond with our Catch Me At Claddagh (CMAC) Training Times in Maple Grove. To learn more and RSVP go to https://www.meetup.com/Catch-Me-At-Claddagh-Running-Race-Walking-Meetup/

Some Autumn-Winter NS TTs will alternatively meet at Bethel University's Indoor Track facility in Arden Hills 8:30 AM-10 AM. Bring $5 per person as Bethel charges that amount for visitors to use their facility. (Active students, staff and alumni are not charged a facility fee.)

Spring-Autumn outdoor NS TT's meets either at the Anoka High School track or next to the Bunker Hills Activity Center in beautifully forested Bunker Hills Regional Park.

Charities Challenge, a non-profit founded in 2003 with promoting and leading RxExercise - exercise as medicine as its mission purpose, is the sponsor of this MeetUp and conducts many road races in the Twin Cities area and Anoka Area. Learn more about CC here http://www.charitieschallenge.org

Gathering times for AATTs will vary depending on changing sunrise times. In early springtime and autumn we’ll gather at 9 AM, and height of summertime sun and heat we’ll meet at 8 AM. Come when you can. If you’re late we’ll be there easy to find and identify as part of our AAA TTs.

Once a month runners and race walkers will have the opportunity to enjoy a post-Training Times discussion of select Great Books writings that will help inform our understanding and motivations for physical fitness and healthier, happier lives. We'll repair to a local restaurant for the discussion and breakfast/brunch. Brilliant!

Learn more about CC's unique "Run & Read Great Books Discussion Groups" and more related links here


Our first select book we'll explore and discuss in the coming months will be _Spark: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain_ by John Ratey, MD. We'll begin to learn how powerful running and race walking is in building better, brighter brains and more marvelous memories with every step we take. That's powerful motivation to keep up our Training Times. Brilliant!


Coach Gary also organizes a Sunday morning Training Times in Maple Grove that runs around Arbor Lake. Learn more about that opportunity to run and race walk with others here


We'll record times and report them as part of our ongoing CC Training Times for those who want to track their progress in distances and training times. No entry fee!

I do recommend joining CC for an annual $25 membership thereby getting lots of added values; but, CC membership is not required.

If anyone wants certified coaching from Coach Gary, reasonable coaching fees can be negotiated for personalized training plans and coaching attention may be negotiated to fit any budget. Coach Gary’s professional resume and contact information is found here http://www.charitieschallenge.org/html/cont... (http://www.charitieschallenge.org/html/contact_us.html)

So imagine training with families/friends for faster mile to 5k times, and perhaps reach greater distance goals all the way to marathons.

Please RSVP with CC Coach Gary Westlund @ GaryWestlund@aol.com or call him at 612-245-9160.

Tell your family/friends to join us at our Training Times, too.

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