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Twin Cities Rock Climbing Meetup is a group that plans regular and spontaneous gym sessions, organizes outdoor climbing and camping adventures, and attends other climbing related events like adventure film festivals, competitions, and Adopt-a-Crag cleanups. Our members are climbers of all experience levels. Whether you are new to the sport and looking to learn, experienced and in need of new partners, or new to town and trying to find the climbing community, TCRC Meetup can be your gateway to Minnesota climbing.

TCRC is on Facebook with a group page that climbers use to connect on the fly. You can sign up through Meetup to have new events emailed to you or check the TCRC calendar on your own. Also, you can subscribe to a weekly email newsletter dedicated to the broader news and events of the Minnesota Climbing community.

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Wednesday night in Bloomington - all levels

vertical endeavors

All levels welcome :) Let's meet at the leather chairs next to the bathrooms. We usually go around for a brief introduction at 7 pm. Tell everyone your name, if you are first time or need any help, and whether you prefer toprope (which is what most people do), lead, or bouldering. Then we head for climbs around 7:05. IF YOU ARE NEW TO VERTICAL ENDEAVORS...If you can fill out the waiver online, ahead of time, it will save you a bit of time when you get there. http://verticalendeavors.com/bloomington/waivers/

Intro to MNCC - Bouldering at Minnesota Climbing Cooperative

Minnesota Climbing Co-op

The Minnesota Climbing Coop is a small, volunteer run bouldering gym in NE Minneapolis. MNCC has recently done a huge remodel and is back open for business. Many of the walls have been rebuilt and it now has seamless padding across the entire climbing area! Join me for the return of Intro to MNCC, a once a month TCRC Meetup event. Entry to MNCC is $10 cash or $11 credit. Bring shoes and chalk. If you are new to bouldering, or climbing in general, I will help you find things to climb and give you any amount of help you would like. If you are an experienced climber, you'll love this space! Make new friends, bring old friends, climb, hang out, and be merry. If people are interested, we can hang out for food and drink when the climbing ends. There is an abundance of places to eat and drink nearby. RSVP or show up anytime between 6:30-8 to join the fun. If no one shows by 8, I'll consider ending my night early. **IMPORTANT NOTE: The address of the coop takes you to a door on Central Ave. You do not want to go there. The entry to the coop is off of 18th Ave NE near Quincy St. Visit the MNCC website for detailed directions: http://www.mnclimbingcoop.com/location The picture at the bottom of the link above shows the door you want to enter through. Then, you turn left down the hall and the coop is the door next to the giant scale in the hallway.

Open Climb Thursdays - VEM

Minneapolis VE

Meet your Event Host Steve and others by the leather chairs in front of the vending machines between 7-7:15 pm. I need to retire as host, I have been working with a Singapore company and I end up having meetings at 730 pm too many Thursdays. If you or anyone you know would like to host let me or Sean know. I hope to be able to attend or show up late. If you are new to climbing, go here (http://www.meetup.com/Twin-Cities-Rock-Climbing-Meetup-Group/pages/Getting_Started/) for some helpful information. VE MEMBER BONUS For all new / never been to VE climbers. If you can find a VE member, VE has a first timers deal. Free, yes free entry and harness if entering with a member. I suggest renting shoes for $5 which help you climb better. It is normally about $15 for entry to VE and $10 to rent shoes and a harness. If you are new to the Meetup group or to this night, take a look at some of the people that RSVP'd yes. Look at event host Steve's picture or even email them through their profile and try to make a plan on how to recognize each other. I usually wear a climbing meetup shirt. The Event Host will introduce you to some of the other Meetup climbers and you can work your way into a belay group. Climb on!

Early bird climb - NEW MEETING SPOT - UPSTAIRS

Vertical Endeavors Indoor Rock Climbing Facility

We welcome ALL levels and ages! IF YOU ARE NEW TO VERTICAL ENDEAVORS... 1. If you can fill out the waiver online, ahead of time, it will save you a bit of time when you get there. http://verticalendeavors.com/minneapolis/waivers/ 2. If you would like to get a 'free pass' for you first visit, any one of us who have memberships will meet you at the door and you can enter for free for your very first visit to a Vertical Endeavors. Please post a comment that you would like a VE member to meet you to take advantage of the 'free pass' NEW TO THE MEETUP GROUP? After climbing, we'll do an informal ask-around if anyone's interested in going out for lunch, as there are great restaurants within walking distance. No need to RSVP for lunch, just join us if you'd like.

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Open Climb Mondays- VEM

Minneapolis VE

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