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If you are single and would describe yourself as a secular humanist, an agnostic, an atheist, a freethinker, or a naturalist, etc, this group is for you.

Having shared belief systems does not guarantee a successful relationship, but it does help stack the deck. There are many faith-based singles groups, as though they really need them; they can find each other everywhere. Non-theists, however, are a minority. As non-theists we generally do not wear a symbol around our necks that allow us to recognize each other. I propose a secular based singles group to give like-minded individuals the opportunity to socialize in fun events and activities.

This is not a dating service, but a group to get to know one another in a no-pressure community setting, making acquaintances and friendships. If relationships form, that’s a bonus. Please be respectful of other member's social/romantic boundaries.

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Now available as a weekly ZOOM meetup. Hosted by Edward. Thanks for setting up the zoom details, Ed! We interact online via zoom meeting, and play various boardgames and card games through the BoardGameArena website. Make yourself a user profile in advance there. See you guys at 5. Now available as a weekly ZOOM meetup. Hosted by Edward. Thanks for setting up the zoom details, Ed! We interact online via zoom meeting, and play various boardgames and card games through the BoardGameArena website. Make yourself a user profile in advance there. See you guys at 5. Zoom meeting ID[masked]. Bring a friend! 😁😉👍🏻😆 Call or text Chris Hoppe if you need more information or help at:[masked]

GRAPHIC NOVEL BOOK CLUB at Nokomis Library, Every Second Thursday of the Month

Every month we read a new graphic novel (or set of comics in a series). There are about 10-12 regular members, so you are very welcome! Our moderator is Matt Reins, an enthusiastic reader of all types of comic and graphic novel books. He guides the roundtable discussion and usually provides a 1-2 page synopsis of the current month's selection. Here's a link to the Nokomis library webpage list of events (including this book club)..... https://hclib.bibliocommons.com/events/search/fq=branch_location_id:(NK) .... .... .... .... Extra copies of the current month's selection are provided, and held at the front counter, by the library staff to be checked out for a whole month as a convenience to the club. There are mini-flyers on display telling what the upcoming club selections are, that will be read in the coming months. Read ahead if you wish, or just come and discuss the month's selection with the group. .... .... .... .... ....A BONUS FEATURE! We have "show and tell" at the end to share more good recommendations for reading of other graphic novels that might be of interest to club members. Anyone who has found a special graphic novel or other book of interest to others is invited to share and pass it around! .... .... .... .... Here are some links to whet your interest in reading graphic novels.... https://www.drawnandquarterly.com/press/2016/10/dq-authors-list-greatest-graphic-novels-all-time https://www.denofgeek.com/books-comics/graphic-novels/36221/11-underappreciated-graphic-novels https://www.standard.co.uk/shopping/esbest/books-dvds/best-graphic-novels-written-by-women-a3804186.html https://iapwe.org/graphic-novels-are-gaining-in-popularity/ https://www.thrillist.com/entertainment/nation/best-graphic-novels-list https://www.epicreads.com/blog/29-ya-graphic-novels/ http://hipporeads.com/can-you-picture-this-academic-research-published-as-a-graphic-novel/ https://www.theverge.com/2015/11/3/9664956/itunes-terms-of-service-graphic-novel-r-sikoryak-tumblr https://hclib.bibliocommons.com/lists/show/619266640 .... .... .... .... I have been going to these meetings for many months, the level of discussion is both deep and enthusiastic. Come see for yourself..... (no charge!) Your organizer/host, and book club member, Chris Hoppe T.T.F.N. .... .... .... .... Reminder... Go to the Community/Meeting Room towards back of the library. Call Nokomis Library at[masked] for further information.

Beer, Bites, and Boardgames... It's a GameNight! session at Union 32 Craft House

We're going to do the weekly GameNight! thing at a nice location this time, way, way, waaaaaaaaaay down in EAGAN. That's in Minnesota. Yep, for sure, you betcha! If they have a 55121 zip code, then I say they are close enough to go to. Don't argue, just grab a ride and get headed south of the city line. LOL. I went here and saw that this place would be perfect for a GameNight! Not only are they fairly new, but they have a cool concept, "pour your own beer". So what? Well, they have 32 different taps to choose from. Four that they brew themselves on the premises. That makes them an official brewpub. (So you know I can't resist.) Then there is a full bar, and finally they have a food truck ON PREMISES! (Sorta) It's really just a kitchen behind what LOOKS like a food truck window, but that is so awesome anyway. Great menu choices too, I can't wait to try some of the food, and it's at reasonable prices, you know, LIKE A REAL FOOD TRUCK. They have a unique beer payment system for all that great beer also...... You get an electronic card that keeps track of what you pour, how much you take, what it will cost, the total that you've spent, and TELLS YOU WHEN YOU'VE HAD ENOUGH! Genius! (even if a little big brother-ish scary. Lol.) But wait. there's more..... Even though the main room is big enough for all of us on a Sunday night to play our boardgames, they have a private party room, and it's reserved just for us. Separate, quiet, well-lit, lots of table space, what more could a boardgames group want? It's even next to the rest rooms, for quick breaks from Settlers of Catan, or whatever you're playing! Lots of parking space, since this IS in the suburban outskirts of Saint Paul, and I think we will be happy as clams. Or meeples. Whatever. Your assignment, is find a way to get there. Yes... I know that Eagan is a long-distance phone call from your home. So use a car instead. My trip will take an extra 15 MINUTES to get there. OMG! Your mileage may vary (YMMV). Come on, it's not every week that you'll get such a cool chance to have SIX HOURS of fun for the price of a burger and beer. I think you will like this spot as much as I did, even if you don't drink a drop of the 32 well-chosen beers they have to offer. Need more convincing? Here is a few links to their website, their menu (for dinner), all their beers they have available, and their Facebook page..... https://www.union32crafthouse.com/ https://www.union32crafthouse.com/dinner/ https://www.facebook.com/U32Crafthouse/ Good enough? Great, let's get together this coming Sunday night at a good spot to play some boardgames. BTW... I cross-post this with a bunch of other groups, and we've been going monthly for several times. You can expect around 20-30 other boardgamers who can help you have fun. All ages, good diversity, newbies to hardcore are all welcome! Many of us have all the games you could hope to play, but bring any you like if you have some favorites. See you in Eagan for some good games, your host, Chris Hoppe • What to bring Bring yourself, any friends you would like to have along, maybe some boardgames that you own and want to play with other folks. Money to support the location with food and beverage purchases is always important too! • Important to know We have the party room reserved just for us. Go to the hallway past the tapwall (towards the restrooms) See the curtained off doorway? There we are! Call/text Chris at[masked] if you need extra help or information.

GameNight! - Board Games and a Brewery, Hosted by Adam Rehberg, @ Steel Toe Beer

Adam Rehberg is now hosting a series of gamenights located at a number of local breweries here in the metropolitan twin cities area. As a local boardgame designer, he is a great person to play games with, some of which would even be made by him! I bought all of his previously created games (Brewin' USA and Truck Off) and am looking forward to his soon-to-be-released next game. Not bad for a side job! (He otherwise works for a major retail store chain.) Adam know the good breweries too... this monthly series will play every third Monday of the month at the Steel Toe Brewery, located in Saint Louis Park. A nice choice, especially if you are partial to their tasty brews, or any of the many beers they offer. Her is a link to more details about Steel Toe Brewing... http://www.steeltoebrewing.com/ And here is a link to his Meetup profile... https://www.meetup.com/members/146951912/ (check out all his events at The Twin Cities Board Games Group) So with a nice place to play boardgames, tasty beverages to enjoy, and the friendship of other meetup folks (there were about a dozen people at the last one...) you should have a great time. Whether you are a newer player who wants to learn what this crazy boardgame stuff is all about, or an old hand who has been playing for years, we'd love to see you there. You can't have fun unless you go! RECAP... WHAT: Board Games and a Brewery WHERE: Steel Toe Brewery WHEN: Third Monday each month starting Sept 17th from 5-8 pm. WHO: Anybody! ... Bring a game to teach, or come willing to learn something new! See you at the boardgame table, Chris Hoppe organizer and co-host FINAL INFORMATION... Look for the host, Adam Rehberg, with his game collection ready to play! Call or TEXT Chris at[masked] if you need other details.

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