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For anyone looking to meet other young professionals. The age range is for people who are out of the party-like-in-college phase of life (well, usually). No hard age limits on the upper side, so if you just turned 40, don’t sweat it, and prefer people to be in their mid-20s as a minimum.

We’re just here to have fun with others in a similar place in life.

This is not a singles group. While the vast majority of attendees are single, it’s not always the case. Let’s meet people, have fun, and if you connect, than great!

Variety is the best! Variety of venues, things to do, and cities around the Twin Cities.

This is perfect for people who are new to the Cities, people who want to meet new friends, want to see different areas of the Cities in a safe and positive environment, or anyone who just wants to do something that is outside of their routine. The purpose of this group is to take social events to an awesome level!

Sometimes we’ll go to fun places, we’ll have happy hours, we might join other events, but often we’ll make activities of our own. Happy Hours, Festivals, Dinner, Theatre, Live Music, Parks, Dance Lessons, Sports, whatever we think will be fun! Events will usually be in Minneapolis or Saint Paul but may go to a suburb or even another location (who knows?).

Events will be a ton of fun. Even though some events may require a lot of energy, everyone should be low-key and cool. Let's have a positive environment where people can let go of the stress of work and life, be themselves, and just have a good time.

All of the events have a strict no-drama policy. The main thing for everyone to remember is we’re all here to have a good time and to share positive experiences.

I also figured we could use some Facebook integration:
https://www.facebook.com/groups/TwinCitiesSocial/ (https://www.facebook.com/groups/20s30sTCS/)

Invite other friends without making them figure out/join meetup! Plus, it allows for the wonderful RSVP of 'Interested'.

Look forward to seeing you!

Group financed by SundbergTC, the TC's premier small business solution. www.sundbergtc.com

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Weekend in Las Vegas!

Las Vegas

2020 has been void of traveling for most.... LET'S CHANGE THAT! Buy plane tickets while they're priced nicely! Join here and FB to build momentum! We will take all COVID-cautious precautions for distancing and mask wearing. Be prudent. Vegas is full of random people, so be prudent. You are responsible for your own health. All communication while at this event will be on a Facebook Event. Please join that, here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1412617588926806/ You are responsible for your own health. You are responsible for your own safety. Justin Sundberg makes no guarantees about this trip. You are going to Vegas on your own. Justin Sundberg will be there and will post in this event to encourage his friends to join him. Probably staying at Luxor (South Strip), the LINQ (Mid Strip) or Strat/Saharah (North Strip). More details to come! Price point is $45 to $60 per night. **************** It's Vegas, so I wanted to make sure to mention, the group will not be going to anything with entertainment that might make others uncomfortable. It's not my scene. I'm mentioning just in case they're open. **************** We will be hitting up the Strip, Fremont, and other miscellaneous adventures that are open. We're going to have an awesome time! Everything is TBD right now. We'll decide things here and book shortly after 9/20. I'm going to Vegas to check everything out in September, and I'll be posting here. This is going to be awesome! I've invited friends, dance friends, Meetup friends, networking friends, and clients! Just remember, while traveling together is a great way to solidify a great working relationship (and friendship), making the trip generally quality networking, gambling is not deductible. ;-) (except against gambling winnings) Since the 15th is a deadline, Thursday will be an 'arrival' day for people to get there, etc. I may be working until 10:00 PM. Hopefully not, though. We'll be running around, gambling, and having a ridiculous time! A couple things I've been thinking: - Helicopter ride to Grand Canyon - Bungee Jump at Strat - Rent Lamborghini - Limo ride Anything else? Word has it that the slots are loose, too.

Awesomeness to Come

Needs a location

This is an event used to plan our BIG AWESOMENESS event! Here's a link to the last one: https://www.meetup.com/Twin-Cities-Social/events/225863325/ Here's a video: https://youtu.be/5a4i_8iO6jE While all 354 RSVPs didn't show up, we did have quite a number, and momentum will just continue to grow! We were in a beautiful space. We had 2 hours of socializing drinks and provided catered hors d'ouvres. We had exceptional speakers. We had 2 sets of the Bearded Men Improv! We had professional dancers! We ended the night with a DJed dance party! All this was just $15! How this event works: We're going to throw ANOTHER awesome event. Join this event if you want to be on-board! We'll keep making it the last Sunday of a month until the actual event is scheduled (in non-meetup world, like once we book the venue and the entertainment), then this meetup will be for that event, Chances are it'll cost $15 to $20 and will be on a Thursday night. Below the break is simply a listing for events in this group in general. But first, some pics from the last Awesomeness event! ________________________________________________________________ In general with this group, you know the story - we have awesome events. Here are a few examples: If you see this event on a desktop, you'll see many pictures from our prior events. I used to make them for two meetup groups. I just found two groups with about 600 members and no events, and I asked the organizers if I could make events. They said "sure". Within a year, I grew to over 5,000 members. I tried to talk to the organizers to try to get access to some other options (organizer tools) so I could really make my events way more fun for the attendees. I didn't get a response, so I decided to make my own group. I believe in creating a positive experience for all people. I believe shared experience is essential to growing friendships. This event, "Awesomeness to Come," has been made to showcase prior events I've created and hosted. This is also a way for me to collaborate with group members. If you look on a computer, you'll see pictures below. My events are usually more than just a happy hour. Some are pretty simple, but most are well thought-out. I don't typically "piggy-back" other events, but sometimes I might, mostly to do the events with a big group of friendly people or to make others aware of the awesome opportunity. The awesome events are planned by me, usually using Google Maps and some creativity. There's also been a number of Happy Hours, some getting as big as 120 participants (Chino handled it well). The groups are always appropriately sized, and I know how many people will join an event when I plan it. I try to hop around venues, so we typically don't repeat restaurants. Well, usually. People may notice my favorite things to do (Kieran's, HUGE Theater, etc.), but it's always fun! I make my events with my members in mind. Your experience is my number one consideration. Here are some pictures from my other events, which I made mostly during 2014 (you'll notice a lot of variety): Macbeth in the Park Several of many 'Active Desserts' - meet in a park, walk to ice cream: Dance classes Tour of a historic mansion (James J. Hill House): Live Music: Bike & Brew (Pub Crawl on Wheels!): Happy Hour Theatre Valley Fair: This meetup group sponsored by SundbergTC: The TC’s small business solution http://www.sundbergtc.com

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