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Minnesota MUFON Monthly meeting
This is the monthly meeting of the Minnesota chapter of Mutual UFO Network. Meetings are open to the public and anyone can participate. Cost is $3 for MUFON members, $5 for non-members (you can join the MUFON organization through the MUFON website at ) Each month we discuss current areas of UFO research, sightings and close encounters. We also discuss topics such as new science and technology, the push for the reduction of government secrecy, exobiology and ET contact, parapsychology, spirituality and/or any other topics related to the UFO phenomenon. We meet on the second Saturday of each month at the New Brighton community center from 2PM to 5PM. Monthly meetings usually begin with reports on-going investigations and current UFO sightings and/or encounters. We then have a feature presentation. These often include videos from one of the recent UFO conferences, talks (by one of the members or an outside expert), or a panel discussions on a topic of interest to the UFO community. Join us in our public exploration of the mysteries in (or from) the sky

New Brighton Community Center,

400 10th St NW · New Brighton , MN


What we're about

Our group is a chapter of the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), which investigates UFOs scientifically, worldwide. At our monthly meetings we hear from our Certified Field Investigators details of UFO sightings occurring in Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Our members discuss these sightings and UFO related phenomena such as alien abductions and UFO related crop circles in an open manner; no one is ever ridiculed. We view videos of presentations of nationally known UFO researchers.

We ask and discuss the big questions such as: If UFOs harbor intelligent life forms, where (or when) do they come from? What do they want from us? Is our government/military withholding UFO information from us and, if so, when will they share it with everyone? Is the UFO phenomenon merely one aspect of a Greater Reality that includes many apparently paranormal phenomena ?

Following the meeting, members meet at a nearby restaurant for dinner and lively conversation regarding all things UFO. Please join us!

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