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Welcome to Twin Cities Uncommon Courage Meetup!

Most people draw inspirations from other people and happenings around them but the motivation to turn those inspirations into meaningful lifestyle changes is missing because motivation, like a piece of lit charcoal, is short lived unless it stays connected to other lit charcoal to keep the fire going. That's where this meetup comes in.

The mission of the Twin Cities Uncommon Courage meetup is to help individuals get/stay motivated to live their inspirations by building insane 'disruptive' courage.

Twin Cities Uncommon Courage is a community service of Stutterer's Courage, LLC, a motivation speaking organization geared toward helping individuals stay motivated to redefine their limitations and reinvent their world.

1. Have you ever attended a motivational speaking event and left all fired up to change or do something in your life but didn’t know how to start?

2. Do you struggle with a limitation or disability – physical or mental - in your life that defines you or has been used to define you but you wish you could change?

3. Do you desire to discover your purpose, transform your life, and maximize your potentials but find yourself in environments or relationships – personal and professional – that don’t allow for your growth?

4. Do you believe that you have something to contribute to this world but don’t know how to?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of those questions, then the Twin Cities Uncommon Courage meetup is a great fit for you.

What in this Meetup for you:

1. A safe place to explore your options, confront your fears, and build courage through new healthy and winning relationships of like-minded individuals;

2. A place to “infect” yourself with positive emotions and support that will help you move closer towards your purpose; and

3. A fellowship to get or share ideas for success, discover resources to aid your path, inspire or get inspired, and stay fired up.

I am a lifelong stutterer who muster the insane courage to redefine my limitation into a motivational speaker. That's what being 'disruptive' is.

What's your limitation or struggle? Join us!

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