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Twin Hearts Meditation of Atlanta
Welcome, Please read the "About us... (" on the sidebar. We have a lovely, safe and deep hearted group. We have 25 to 45 meditators every week, no need to rsvp, just show up. If you are a newcomer, you can ride the wave, it's easy. We meet at 1145 Zonolite Rd Unit 10, Atlanta GA 30306. UNIT 10, (not 7) Every Tuesday. It's off Briarcliff. Between Lavista and Ponce. Turn at the Briarcliff Animal Clinic. Follow the meditation signs along the way. Vere right, pass the shooting range, a big parking lot will open up. This pic is the front of the building. You can park there and walk down the open hallway or pull around to the back of the building. We meet in "With Love and Light" studio. Suggested donation $5 to $20. any questions, please call Ursula[masked] I do deep inner healing work full time, I have done over 4,000 sessions, I can help you. ( To buy the CD for yourself, click: Meditation on Twin Hearts

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Meditation on Twin Hearts
Easy to follow
Healing effect
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What is Meditation on Twin Hearts?
Meditation on Twin Hearts is a short-guided meditation blessing the earth with loving kindness, peace and good will. In return, we reap the amazing benefits of inner harmony.

• Reduces stress
• Increases peace, love and compassion
• Increases physical health
• Increases mental clarity
• Enhances spirituality
• Improves relationships

Suggested donation $5 to $20

Meditation on Twin Hearts is practiced worldwide by people of different nationalities and religious backgrounds. This powerful instrument is an advance meditation technique introduced by Grand Master Choa Kok Sui, the modern founder of Pranic Healing® and Arhatic Yoga®.

This guided meditation works on the heart chakra (the physical heart) and the crown chakra (the spiritual heart), thereby enabling you to draw down a great amount of high-quality divine energy into the crown chakra increasing inner illumination.

The base of the meditation is the Prayer of Saint Francis, " Make me an Instrument of thy peace." Meditation on Twin Hearts can be done by a group as a form of world service.

The effectiveness of the blessings is magnified many times more as a group meditating rather than as an individual.


people who should not practice this Meditation

Patients with Severe hypertension, Patience with severe heart ailments, patience with glaucoma, pregnant women, Heavy smokers, Persons who are under 16 years of age.

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