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A progressive, gender-equal, human rights affirming masjid serving the twin states of Vermont and New Hampshire. All are welcome: people of all races, classes, abilities, health (including HIV) status, sexual orientations, gender identities, sex, ages, family and relationship statuses, and religions. Unity Mosques are safe spaces for everyone to worship, commune, and just be. We celebrate pluralism and diversity enshrined in 49:13 of the Quran in our rituals, programming, and physical space.

Twin States Unity Mosque's beliefs and practises are based on the understanding that all persons are equal agents of Allah in all aspects of ritual practice. Dr. Amina Wadud expounds this principle as horizontal reciprocity: we are all interchangeable, and only Allah is Akbar.

Everyone is welcome, even encouraged to take a turn in each aspect of Juma services, including but not limited to making the call to prayer, giving the sermon, and leading the ritual Friday prayer. Another pioneering imam, Nakia Jackson, describes this as 'shared authority,' since we all have something to teach and something to learn.

We stand for radical tawhid. Absolute Oneness. Absolute Equality, like the teeth of a comb, shoulder to shoulder against injustice and tyranny, including tyranny from the pulpit. That is our Islam. Nothing else.

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