What we're about

Business owners, business professionals, ministry leaders, non-profit directors, freelancers, side-gig doers, and more are all invited to make connections in an innovative and fun environment.

We meet for lunch every third Wednesday of the month at Aidan's pub in Bristol RI. It's recommended to purchase your ticket to reserve your seat at the lunch table. Seating is limited due to the intimate environment we want to create for real connection to happen.

Twisted Networking is a facilitated networking lunch event that helps to connect people looking to spread the word about their business, events, projects and more.

Twisted Networking is a relationship building networking event. Research proves that strong relationships are the foundation of success in all aspects of life. We want to help you take your business, career or cause to the next level.

During our time together, we will engage in 4 unique relationship building activities:

ACTIVITY #1: We call this activity “Tell Us”: During this activity, we will conduct brief friendly interviews of each other. We will split up into pairs, complete the given exercise and then we will have the opportunity to TELL the group what we learned.

ACTIVITY #2: We call this activity “Show Us”: During this activity, we will each have time to introduce ourselves, share with the group what we do both personally and professionally and SHOW the group something that will help the group to be great advocates for us. Also let us know who you are looking to connect with.

ACTIVITY #3: We call this activity “Educate Us”: During this activity, we will have the privilege of having a Featured Speaker who will EDUCATE us, for a few minutes, on a subject dear to his/her heart.

ACTIVITY #4: We call this activity “Connect Us”: Upon arrival, we will put our contact information in a container. Now we will pull out someone else’s contact information. We ask that you CONNECT, either by phone, email, social media, a meal, a walk in the park, whatever works best for your lifestyle. The point is to start building a relationship.

Attending Twisted Networking allows you to connect with a diverse group of individuals in your community. If you are in business, Twisted Networking will help you to acquire sales reps, advocates and new clients. Once we get to know who you are and what you represent, we will be in a better position to support each other both personally and professionally. In turn, we all WIN!!


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February Twisted Networking Bristol

Aidan's Pub

November Twisted Networking Bristol

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October Twisted Networking Bristol

Aidan's Pub

Twisted Networking Bristol

Aidan's Pub

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