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Victorian Streaming Artificers Meetup (*Unofficially* Twitch Victoria) is a non-profit socialization organization for streamers, content creators and related interested parties in or around Victoria, BC and Vancouver Island. Seize the opportunity to connect, network, and socialize with anyone that might be a Twitch Streamer, Youtuber, Game developer, moderator, viewer, gamer, be it past, present or future! The primary objective is to provide a space for everyone to meet in person and trade tips, tricks and tales from the trenches of streaming and gaming. We have also organized presentations by experts to address areas of common concern for the members. We’ve been operating since August 2017 and hold meetups every Two months.

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Victoria Streamers, June Flowers Meetup!

Old Spaghetti Factory

Take a libation break away from the screens and meet your fellow streamers, content creators, game devs, mods, or whomever else. The real IRL if you will! Trade tips or tricks, cross-promote and network with other streamers! Join us for the June Flowers 2019 Victoria Streaming Artificers June Flowers Meetup!! Come out and connect with others who share your passion! Victoria Streaming Artificers Meetup is your community in Victoria (and Vancouver Island) for Streamers and Content Creators from Twitch, Youtube, Mixer, or other platforms, as well as their mods or viewers who share an interest in streaming, gaming, or game development. Come share what you’re summer plans are to build your audience! This event will be all-ages but minors should be accompanied by a responsible adult. Due to the size of the reservation, a 15% gratuity will be automatically included by the establishment. Need or can provide a lift? Put the word out in the #carpool channel on discord, https://discord.gg/TCtmNXd ! Please RSVP so we can gauge the size of reservations needed. See you there! https://www.eventbrite.com/e/victoria-streaming-artificers-june-flowers-meetup-tickets-61599674284?aff=Meetup Stay informed of any future events! PSA: **** We’ve had to change most social media handles, so please update your bookmarks and follows! **** Find us on Facebook, Meetup, Twitter or Twitch: @TwitchVictoria or use the links below. Join us on FB: http://fb.victoriastreamers.com Follow us on Twitch: http://twitch.victoriastreamers.com Watch for Tweets: http://twitter.victoriastreamers.com Join the Meetup! http://meetup.victoriastreamers.com Chat us up on Discord: https://discord.gg/TCtmNXd -PurpleTarget

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Victoria Streamers, Equinox 2019 Meetup!

Old Spaghetti Factory

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