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18:00: Doors open 18:30: What can philosophy teach us about programming, or why did I create this group. – Mike Kotsur 19:20: Break 19:30: JavaScript with types: TypeScript, Flow and ReasonML – Artem Tyurin 20:30: Borrel and socializing What can philosophy teach us about programming Mike, educated as applied mathematician, has used many different languages throughout his career: PHP, Python, JavaScript, TypeScript, Java, Scala. Comparing those experiences gave him a very useful inside into the nature of the problem, which type systems is supposed to be solving. This talk can also be seen as Mike's confession about creating this meetup group. JavaScript with types: TypeScript, Flow and ReasonML Artem is working as a software engineer at Uber, who knows frontend technologies inside-out. He also makes time for supporting several opensource projects and presenting at meetups. A few years ago he started using Flow and Typescript in his code and developed interest in strongly typed languages such as Scala as OCaml. He'll be our headliner of the evening.

Mindspace Utrecht

Nicolaas Beetsstraat 216-222 · Utrecht

    What we're about

    This is a group for anyone, who has an opinion on strong typing in programming languages. Let's go cross-lingual and discuss the basics of type systems, compare different implementations and follow the newest developments. Developers and computer scientists with of all views and levels are welcome.

    Once there is a solid number of members, we'll organise our first Meetup somewhere in Utrecht.

    SPEAKERS WANTED: if you're interested at presenting – please let me know. This could be a great start of your speaking career.

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