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IF you believe Most U.S. Military Members Fought with HONOR during during all U.S. Wars, and during all U.S. Conflicts:




REAL Republican Conservative Patriots who are 'TIRED OF' being expected to feel ashamed of U.S. History, and/or, 'TIRED OF' being expected to feel shame for feeling pride in America, should join our group.


If you are "SICK AND, TIRED OF" Left-Wing Liberal Democrats, who now call themselves "Progressives," and/or, "FAKE Republican RINO Fence-Rider ELITISTS" who FALSELY keep saying we should be ashamed or have regret, for our American Heritage, you should join our group.



Within all legal Scientific Proven, Archeaological Documented Respect, of Previous Native Immigrant Inhabitants of North American, IF you believe our U.S. AMERICAN HERITAGE dates back to, the establishment of the first English colony, through a royal legal license from 'QUEEN ELIZABETH I' by an English KNIGHT named SIR WALTER RALEIGH, at Roanoke Island, off the Atalantic Ocean Coast of present day North Carolina, known as the famed "Lost Colony," during the year 1585:




Overwhelmingly, Historically, MOST AMERICAN U.S. Soldiers, {Regular U.S. Army, U.S. Marines, U.S. Navy, U.S. Coast Guard, Modern U.S. Air Force, U.S. National Guard, U.S. Military Reserves, U.S. State/Local Militia Units, ETC.}, in addition to, U.S. Civilians who assisted Legally Armed U.S. Soldiers, FOUGHT WITH HONOR, during all U.S. Wars, and during all U.S. Conflicts:


=> From the 1991 GULF WAR, known as the main ground battle named "Operation Desert Storm," to present U.S. Wars in the Middle East, which began after the September 11, 2001 (9/11), Terrrorist Attack upon New York City Twin Towers Buildings, and the Terrorist Attack upon Washington DC Pentagon Building with also specified actions, conducted on September 11, 2001 (9/11), U.S. Military Forces, who have been fighting in Iraq, Afghanistan, and throughout the Middle East since the year 2003, have done GREAT HONOR to The United States of America.


=> U.S. Military personnel who loyally served the United States, during the COLD WAR, {1946-1992}, to include U.S. Civilian Workers, have HONORED America, to halt the spread of Communism worldwide.


=>U.S. VIETNAM WAR Veterans, and those U.S. Citizens who supported a U.S. victory during the Vietnam War, {1959-1975}, in an effort to halt the spread of worldwide Communism, must be HONORED.


=>U.S. KOREAN WAR Veterans, and those U.S. Citizens who supported a U.S. Victory during the Korean War, {1950-1953}, have HONORED America, in an effort to halt worldwide Communism.


=> WORLD WAR TWO U.S. Military Veterans, and U.S. Civilians who experienced WORLD WAR TWO, {1939-1945}, who are becoming few in number, due to the passage of time, are very honorable Americans.

==> The U.S. entered WORLD WAR TWO, following a Japanese attack upon Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, on December 7, 1941, which led to the December 11, 1941 Declaration of War against the United States of America by 'GERMANY and ITALY.'


==> On December 11, 1941, 'GERMANY and ITALY' declared war on the United States, concerning the supply of British and Russian allies with American war supplies, who were at war with 'Germany-Italy,' and the FALSE belief Japan would declare war on Russia taking pressure off of 'German-Italian' Armed Forces fighting in Stalinist Communist Soviet Russia since June 22, 1941.


====> Prior to December 11, 1941, before 'GERMANY and ITALY' DECLARED WAR upon the American United States, was during a period of time, when most Americans acknowledged a war with Japan, but did NOT want to become involved in a second war in Europe, which determined the outcome of the war in Europe, which ended on May 8, 1945, due to DIRECT American involvement through a fatal error of 'Germany and Italy' to declare formal war on the United States, which inspired most pro-Isolationist or anti-British lobbies in America, led by famed Americans such as JOSEPH KENNEDY (senior) {Father of Early 1960's U.S. President John F. Kennedy}, and CHARLES LINDBERGH to support the U.S. war in Europe, after the December 11th, 1941, Declaration of War by 'Germany and Italy' upon the United States of America.


=> Surviving Americans, who experienced the GREAT DEPRESSION, {1929-1940}, who rebuilt America, and later fought several American conflicts, should be HONORED.

=> WORLD WAR ONE, {1914-1918}, U.S. Military Members, and U.S. Civilians of this period, should also receive all full U.S. American HONORS.

===> WORLD WAR ONE began during many heated months of 1914, and the U.S. entered World War One on April 6, 1917.

===> WORLD WAR ONE, officially ended on THE 11th DAY, of the 11th MONTH, on the 11th HOUR, of the year 1918.


=>TEDDY ROOSEVELT'S U.S. Army, ROUGH RIDERS Cavalry and Volunteer U.S. Infantry, should be HONORED, for their service during the SPANISH-AMERICAN WAR of 1898.

=> U.S. Soldiers, and the U.S. Cavalry, from the U.S. Army, during the INDIAN WARS, {1775 - 1890}, should be HONORED.


=> Honorable soldiers, of the North and the South, {Union and Confederate}, who fought on both sides, during the U.S. CIVIL WAR, {1861-1865}, should be HONORED.


=> U.S. populations, and the U.S. Military which participated in the WAR OF 1812, {1812-1815}, should be HONORED.


=> Americans who fought for GEORGE WASHINGTON's U.S. Army, and for the American cause, during the AMERICAN REVOLUTION, {1775-1783}, should be HONORED.



English-American Colonists who fought for the British during the FRENCH-INDIAN WAR, {1754-1763}, should be HONORED.


English Colonists, from the time when an English Knight named SIR WALTER RALEIGH, under the official royal license from the British 'QUEEN ELIZABETH I' established the first English colony in the New World at Roanoke Island, on the Atlantic coast of present day North Carolina, on August 17, 1585, who defended the interests of the English Crown, in North America, should be HONORED.

As Americans, our birth began on August 17, 1585.

==> Foundation of the first English colony in North America.

As Americans we should also celebrate July 4, 1776.

==> American Declaration of Independence.



Please JOIN OUR GROUP, to nullify anyone who is wrongfully ashamed of U.S. History.

America is the LIGHT HOUSE of the world.


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