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Toastmasters is all about public speaking and improving your leadership skills. Toastmasters International exists since the 1920s. The first Dutch club was established in 2002 in Amsterdam. The first Utrecht club was in 2006 and to date there are 3 clubs in Utrecht. 2 English speaking and 1 Dutch speaking club.

You can use this MeetUp page to track upcoming meetings for U-Speak! the Tuesday night (English speaking) club as well as the details for Domstad (the Dutch speaking club). Domstad meets on a Monday evenings at Florin.

Toastmaster meetings at 'U-Speak!' and 'Domstad Toastmasters' are fun! Some of the participants give short prepared speeches, which are later evaluated by other club members. A typical meeting would also include short impromptu speeches, where everybody gets a chance, including guests, if they wish. In this way, we create a safe and fun environment to practice public speaking.

Guests are always welcome! So, come join us!
U-speak! Toastmasters (English) meetings take place on Tuesdays (check the calendar for details and location).

Domstad Toastmasters (in Dutch!, (Nederlands)) meetings take place on Mondays (check the calendar for details and location). http://domstad.tmclub.eu

Please note, on average between 15-20 people attend a typical club evening. The numbers of people attending on Meetup are not reflective of the actual number of people attending on a night, so please do come and join us! While it is quite a structured evening, with an agenda and even someone in the role of timer, it is still a lot of fun and we can be sure that you will laugh and learn! :)

Come along and join us soon!

English: You can also like our U-Speak! Facebook page and follow the latest tips and tricks on how to improve your public speaking! https://www.facebook.com/pages/U-Speak-Toas...;

Nederlands: Bezoek ook onze Domstad Toastmasters Facebook wite en volg de laatste tips en trucs over hoe je je spreken in het openbaar kunt verbeteren! https://www.facebook.com/domstadtoastmasters

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U-speak! Toastmasters, a place where you can laugh when making mistakes but gaining tremendously encourage and honest feedback for further improvement. We provide a platform for public speaking and leadership advancement in a safe environment. Learn at your own pace and decide the educational path you wish.

Domstad Toastmasters (Clubavond)
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Domstad Toastmasters meets every 1st, 3rd and 5th Monday of the month in de Kargadoor. http://domstad.tmclub.eu

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