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Sapiens (Harari) -- an unconventional review
[Please note change of date. Our apologies] Those who have read: "it's a great book" Those who haven't: "tell me how so great" Those who've read will make their case at the meetup. Those who haven't, hear the merits. So welcome members from both camps. We'll conduct an appraisal of the book on two fronts: content & form 1) Learn what the book is about (critique of content) 2) An appraisal on how difficult (or easy) it is to convey verbally the arguments of the book (literary question) What are the take-home points of the book? Any illuminating passages to share? How to explain how 'good' the book is? What are the specifics of the 'good'? How would you convey the value of (and) arguments of the book to those who haven't read (say how would you explain the book to a person who is blind)? How close (or far) can verbal articulation convey the merits of written text? We'll have those who have read the book make the case to those who haven't. And see what we can extrapolate along the way. A double whammy either way: learn something about a book and learn how to think of a book. So those who haven't read the book are as welcome as those who have; including those who've read in Chinese translation 欢迎! Admission is free - but pls buy a drink or something to keep the venue from giving us the bad eye. Thanks in advance. "I've been told by many how good the book was. But when asked to explain, it's surprising how little gets said after all -- much fanfare ("it's so~ good") but no bullets. Which kinda gets me wondering ... one, must be a difficult book? two, not difficult to read but difficult to convey verbally?" -- a member's remarks and the inspiration for this meetup

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Here's a platform for you to 1) introduce a book and 2) have a group discussion on the theme/topics/arguments of the book. Each meetup consist of just one member doing the book introduction (1st half) followed by group discussion (2nd half). The genre can be fiction or non-fiction. Details of meetup format and content stated in each event announcement.

Might as well be called a Readers' Club in that it doesn't have to be books only but articles, essays, poetry, etc would also do. And depending on the genre of works we may delve into content/textual reviews a bit more than otherwise.

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