'The Shallows' - Book Intro and Discussion

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Technology and The Mind: A Collusive, Corrosive or Collegial Relationship?

Presenter: Haijun

Book Title: "The Shallows" by Nicholas Carr

[Haijun will introduce the book to us, it's not a required reading for attendance]

Meeting format: book introduction + group discussion

** A prelude from Haijun, the presenter of this meetup:

I just read a book by Nicholas Carr, called The Shallows. Summarizing a lot of neuroscience studies, illustrating the history of writing, reading, and books, the author demonstrates how the human mind has been constantly reshaped by the technology that we invent and employ, and warns against the potential manipulation of our minds by tech giants like Google. I identify a lot with his ideas.

Remarks on meeting formats:

1) A member introduces a book she/he has read -- one presenter per meeting, can introduce several books on a common theme. Approx 30mins for the book intro.

2) Followed by group discussion on the themes of the book. The discussion session would take the remainder of the meeting time. Focus of discussion will be the theme/topic/argument of the book(s), rather than textual analysis (though may vary per genre of the written works)

3) No prior knowledge of the book is expected from the attendees. Purpose of meetup is to discuss the theme/topics/arguments of the book rather than showcase one's knowledge of the book; nor is expected any expertise on the subject from the attendees nor the presenter; collective dialogue in exploring a common theme are the main purposes of the meetups.

So let this occasion to be a chance to go over the book(s) you once read and share the highlights. Prepare and schedule your book presentation! Can be books of any language, as long as your presentation would be in a language the audience would follow :)

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