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From Danny & Eddie: If you are reading this, you are one among the talented people in this world whom can read and speak. We are really happy to have you in our group and be proud of yourself that you have a higher IQ rate 👍🏽⬇️ 🔊🔊🔊 THERE WON'T BE ANY FINES IN PUTTING FIRE AS LONG AS IT IS IN A FIRE PIT AND WE ARE CAMPING IN THE DESERT NOT THE LAKES IMPORTANT NOTE: This event is charged at 10AED per person. This is for consumables that get used up at each event and to buy common use products. Mandatory to be paid by everyone. Attendance/Carpool Sheet https: will update soon We will camp at qudra close to the 2nd r/a which is 20min drive from Dubai. Easy access track even for sedans. Final location will be shared on whatsapp only to those who update carpool sheet. Make sure you bring all necessities for your camp - food, beverages, sleeping gear etc. Important Notes: 1. FIRE IS NOT ALLOWED IN THE SAND at Qudra - please ensure you use a metal dish or a BBQ tray and keep the firewood off the ground. Municipality inspects the location and you may be issued with a fine. 2.All cars can reach the camping spot (Sedans will park on a dirt track and we will camp approx 20m inside easily walkable distance). 3. All drivers are expected to share rides if you have space as a courtesy to the group. 4. Please fill out the attached carpool sheet with your details. 5. Drivers need to ensure that their cars have 1 bag of firewood and 1 bag of charcoal. (Passengers to share the cost of the same and fuel with your drivers) 6. Please bring along a BBQ grill if you have (mention in comments on carpool sheet) 7. Ensure that you are not a burden to others, please be self-sufficient in all your needs. 8. Food and Drinks, Shisha etc are to be brought by everyone individually 9. Bring plates/glasses etc as needed 10. There will be no littering permitted - anyone found littering will be removed from the group. Everyone needs to take atleast 1 bag of garbage when you leave please don't expect the organizers to clean up after you. Carpool sheet (please update only if you rsvp yes for the trip) ** The organizers cannot guarantee a car ride for everyone looking for a ride. Passengers can try and contact the drivers directly for slots. We will try and accommodate as many people as we can Things to bring: Camping equipment - Tents, sleeping bags, mats, chairs, lights Food and drinks - for yourselves and a little to share ** Please bring garbage bags and cleanup after urselves ** Please note that we welcome pets however please ensure your pets are trained and friendly, if not please ensure they are leashed Disclaimer: By confirming RSVP for this trip, you confirm for the following: * You are participating in this event on a voluntary basis and are solely responsible for your health and safety and that of your guests *You own full responsibility for any reckless, negligent or unsafe actions causing damage to self or other persons or property. * You indemnify and hold harmless the Organizers of liability for any loss, damage or injury that you, your guests or your vehicle may incur, or may cause. See you all on the sand. Organizers

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