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!!! Lets start with these words !!!


In this forum we hope to get together and enjoy the sights for any country we possible can

Mostly to create weekend getaways as a group by pooling resources and meeting new people. Car or no car single or married, it does not matter. The aim is to have fun and meet people. We will only focus on one or two trips per month, but lets make it decent trips, lets prepare ourselves for different locations different terrains and memorable locations let this be fun for all with sight seeing visiting different location and be part of the fun.


This is a group for travelers and outdoor activities, please ensure you are clear about this when you join the group.


General guideline:

We focus on maintaining a healthy, joyful atmosphere where everyone share a laugh and give a hand if needed. Be considerate to nature when you visit and leave only your footprints and take only photos.
Policy: We have a policy of which 3 'no shows' upon confirming your participation to group activity will result in deleting your membership.

We will try to offer adventurous trips to people from any nationalities, cultures, and occupations. All of our events are mostly charged or a certain fee is required based on for a simple reason - when you are asked to pay for something, you take it seriously.

All Participants should read the entire event description before deciding if a trip is really right for them, as well as make the effort to come prepared if they have to pay. Please note we're not travel agents and we're not professional licensed tour guides, however we do have the experience of having done every trip that we offer which has given us the chance to refine it so that it's an organized and enjoyable experience for everybody.

Liability Waiver:

By joining us, you have agreed to accept personal responsibility on any event organized by us, as indicated here: By joining this group, you agree to take personal responsibility for all risks associated with any trip we organize including hiking in the mountains, horse riding Cycling etc which could include various injuries such as those resulting from falls, dehydration, muscle pulls or sprains, broken bones or head injuries.

You agree to accept that the leaders of UAE Misadventures have taken reasonable precautions to ensure that these risks are minimized and prevented. Through participating in any event organized by UAE Travelers and Adventurers Group, you are ultimately accepting that its is your personal responsibility for the activities you decide to engage in and understand that any injuries, sustained or any fatality which might happen as a result of anybody's fault in such events are solely at your own risk and your own responsibility and you cannot take any organizer or the Group leaders to any court or hold him / her responsible for any type of compensation what so ever.

You agree to take every precaution to accept the recommendations for proper equipment required before you attend a hike, as well as accepting the recommendations for water consumption and other pertinent issues. You also agree to accept advice of more experienced campers whose goal is to ensure your safety as well as the safety of the group.

!!! Welcome to the group, and hope to see you with us soon !!!

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