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Renew ~ Refresh - Rejuvenate UBU Today's vision is to have a retreat center that functions as a conduit to healing trauma, restoring, renewing & revitaling the free flow of vital energy


APPROACH: Building relationships with the sought after, "best of the best" alternative, holistic, and non-tradional modalities (Founders & Facilitators) that traditionally do not offer US Workshops, but will to as many participants as possible.

☆Breathwork Events ☆Meditation (Osho Centered)
☆Therapeutic Touch
☆Cuddle Parties
☆Cocoon Tantric Therapeutic Massage
☆Path of Love Offerings
☆Sound healing meditations

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UBU TODAY avid advocates of alternative modalities is creatively movimg forward, beginning with the end on mind, and working with what may be perceived as barriers (opportunities)....

A perceived "Set Back" = opportunity for a grand "Come Back".

GROUP INTENT: The intent of this group is to provide a confidential forum for all participants that have registered and / or attended past and future events of alternative modalities hosted by UBU Today to connect on a bi-monthly basis.

*A intentional and safe space that facilitates community and will allow us to nurture the bonds that have been created.

*A safe space without judgment for us to support and lean on one another when necessary, have fun, laugh, love and discuss other modalities that desire exploration.

*A very unique and special community has developed and will continue to grow together on many levels*

*Please utilize this forum to connect with each other. It is not a "formal" group - yet more of a centralized avenue to stay connected.

Events will be posted here & on the UBU Today page, website and other forums as appropriate for social media marketing assisting with organic growth.

~Angels Secure the Perimeter ~

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