What we're about

We're a regular User Centred Design meetup based in Bristol. We hold talks and workshops on topics relating to design and research across disciplines including everything from UX, product design, service design to user research and more.

We're a friendly group and welcome new members so if you're wondering what UCD Bristol is like, the best way to find out is to turn up and join in!

Dates for 2020

• UCD Bristol 29 - 16/9

• UCD Bristol 30 - 21/10

• UCD Bristol 31 - 18/11

Code of conduct

All attendees and speakers must adhere to our code of conduct: https://docs.google.com/document/d/10ZH6UX5... (https://docs.google.com/document/d/10ZH6UX53e8KVX_3LFTgxwXXw5e_zeg4KpmmkMeTtnjw/)

We couldn't bring you this event without the support of our sponsors.

Immersive Labs

Immersive Labs is a game-changing team building a game-changing platform right here in Bristol. At the heart of our platform are labs: story-driven exercises that you can spin up in your browser in seconds. We have hundreds of practical, gamified labs dedicated to a huge range of cyber skills and mapped against industry frameworks. We're always on the look out for talented Researchers, Designers and Engineers who can help us realise this vision.


Our clients have a vision for their software, we live and breathe it. We are Amdaris, exceptional people and processes that take software to the next level. Think of us as the ultimate problem solvers, connecting the right people with the right task, and collaborating seamlessly. We’re where proven solutions meet creative new approaches.

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