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What we’re about

This book club is targeted at the UCL School of Management alumni. The purpose of the book club is to come together to discuss books that relate to female careers and gender at work. The meetings focus on the key ideas expressed in the books and related experiences of the book club members. Discussion is geared towards concrete measures that can be taken at work to help women progress on their careers.

When and where does the club meet?
The club meets on the first Tuesday of each month at the UCL School of Management in Canary Wharf: is limited to 20 people for each meeting to allow all the attendees to express their views and discuss the book in some detail.

Who should attend?
The book club is targeted at the UCL School of Management alumni. School staff may also occasionally attend and 2-3 places are reserved for current students with the priority given to students who are writing a dissertation about a related topic. The club is a mixed gender group. People from all genders are welcome to attend, discuss and share their experience and ideas.

How are books chosen?
The focus of the book club is on books that relate to women at work. All members of the book club can suggest books for future meetings by emailing the organizer. The books are chosen two months ahead of time by an online vote for each meeting. Only books that are readily available for a reasonable price are put up for a vote.

What is discussed at the book club?
The purpose of the book club is to discuss ideas in the books and to share related experiences about women at work. The focus is the evaluation of the main messages of the book, how they relate to the experiences of the club members and concrete measures that can be taken to tackle the issues encountered by women at work. 

What are the ground rules?
Book clubs are interesting because people have different views and opinions about books. Respect the opinions of others and enjoy the diversity of views. In order to generate an inclusive and rich discussion, please:

- Present thoughts that emerge from the book and relate them to your experience in organisations and society.

- Allow others to finish their contributions before making your own.Avoid speaking over others when they are presenting their views.

- Give time for all the members of the group to speak, but do not put pressure on others to make contributions.

- Allow members of the group not to disclose organisational information that they prefer to keep private.
- Remember that others may not be familiar with the same organisational terminology, abbreviations and theories that you are. Try to use language that is understood by all. 

If you have suggestions for improving the book club, please contact the organizer.