Talks about Design Systems & User Co-Creation


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Talk 1

- Speaker: 沈为军
- Title: Senior UI Designer, 上海谷露软件有限公司 (
- Topic: 设计系统语言 (Design Systems)
- Description: 原子系统、配色、字体、栅格、组件化设计等 (Talking about atomic systems, colors, fonts, grid systems, and modular design)

Talk 2

- Speaker: 佶璐
- Title: “开造”用户共创社群创建人 Founder of KaiZao (a user co-creation community)
- Topic: 与用户共创 (User Co-creation)
- Description: 1) 用户共创与传统用户研究的区别; 2) 企业与用户共创案例; 3) 共创的工具和方法 (Talking about differences between user co-creation and traditional user research, co-creation cases and the methodology.)

【Scan QR code to RSVP】


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