Vol. 36 | Practices in digital product design & designing like a kid


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Hi designers, happy new year! UIUX Meetup is coming back on January 15th at Wiredcraft. Come and join us! Both talks will be in English.

Talk 1

- Speaker: Konrad Piercey, UX UI Director
- Topic: Critical practices and philosophies in digital product design
- Description: The Soft Ask Methodology (SAM) and Task-Oriented Design Thinking (TOD) are topics most used in UIUX. Consumer applications, B2B, subscription signups, internal management tools, all types of digital product design can benefit from incorporating the TOD & SAM design methods. This talk will discuss what they are and how to use them in practice.

Talk 2

- Speaker: Jason Chee, Co-founder @ Tuitu Technology Solutions
- Topic: Designing like a kid
- Description: Talks about the challenges of designing software meant for children, why I prefer designs that look childish, and why we are all web designers from the second we learn how to draw a square.


- 7:00-7:15 Check-in & Networking
- 7:15-7:20 Intro & Community news
- 7:20-8:20 Talk 1 & QA
- 8:20-9:00 Talk 2 & QA
- 9:00-9:10 On-stage recruitment & Lucky draw

Looking forward to seeing you next Wednesday! Scan the QR code to join us :)


Speaker Application Form: https://jinshuju.net/f/eNVvyP

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