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Have you heard of the Data Vault method and want to know more? Are you thinking of starting a Data Vault project and you need to talk to others who have been there before you start? Or are you working on a Data Vault project and need to network with other practitioners to share ideas and solutions?
Yes? Then this meetup is for you.
Come and develop your understanding of how to build an Agile Data Warehouse using the Data Vault 2.0 method. 
See our website for more details http://www.ukdatavaultusergroup.co.uk/.

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What to do (or not do) when implementing a Data Vault - lessons from the field

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Data Vault is increasing in popularity but Data Vault methodology is not simple or trivial. It could be a little daunting to give it a try. In this session Veronika Durgin, a Data & Analytics Leader, will cover when to consider Data Vault, how give it a try, and what steps to take to succeed in implementing and supporting it.

Speaker Bio:
Veronika Durgin is a database professional with over two decades of experience. Her passion for all things data led her on an incredible journey from a Junior SQL Server DBA to her current role as the Head of Data.
Veronika is "passionate about all aspects of database design, architecture, engineering, and performance tuning".

Please note: This session is in UK time 16.00pm, EDT 11:00am, CET 17:00

Build Your Own Data Vault Acceleration Tool in Azure Synapse

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Noel Cruz walks us through Azure Synapse and how it offers a powerful platform for delivering the Data Vault 2.0 system of business intelligence. He explains how everything you need exists in one place, and with the right framework, you can build a very basic engine for automating the process of creating and populating Data Vault structures rather quickly.

Speaker Bio:
Noel Cruz is a Technical Analyst with Optum. With over 20 years of experience in healthcare technology, Noel has had the opportunity to practice many of the various data disciplines available in IT. Noel has served as a Business Analyst, a Data Engineer, a Programmer Analyst, a Systems and Technical Analyst, and, most recently, a Data Engineer. He has gained a passion over the years for "getting it right the first time," especially with regard to the thread that binds all of the disciplines together - DATA.

Please note: This session is in UK time 16.00pm, EDT 11:00am, CET 17:00

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Decentralize your data using business domains (Data Mesh way)

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