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Have you heard of the Data Vault method and want to know more? Are you thinking of starting a Data Vault project and you need to talk to others who have been there before you start? Or are you working on a Data Vault project and need to network with other practitioners to share ideas and solutions?

Yes? Then this meetup is for you.

Come and develop your understanding of how to build an Agile Data Warehouse using the Data Vault 2.0 method.

See our website for more details http://www.ukdatavaultusergroup.co.uk/.

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Special guest John Giles: Data Vault success? It starts with the business model!

We are delighted to have the author and Data Vault modelling guru, John Giles, joining us from Australia for our first virtual Meetup. Success with a Data Vault starts with the business and ends with the business. Sure, there’s some technical stuff in the middle, and it is absolutely essential – but it’s not sufficient on its own. As Dan Linstedt, the inventor of Data Vault, has stated: “Data Vault modelling was, is and always will be about the business. And if the Data Vault you have in place today is not currently about the business, then unfortunately you’ve hired the wrong people, and those people need to go back to school and re-learn what Data Vault really means. Or you’ve built the wrong solution, and you need to fix it – immediately.” John passionately believes in focusing on the business. Dan suggests the use of enterprise ontologies to shape a Data Vault model, but for some that might raise questions such as: • What on earth is an “enterprise ontology”, ‘cause I won’t know if I’ve got one if I don’t know what I’m looking for. • If I can’t find one, and Dan says I need one, how do I get my hands on one, or create one? • And even if I have one of these wonderful things, how do I apply it to get the sort of Data Vault that Dan recommends? John provides some answers. Woven into this session will be some case study observations to help you understand how to shape the business perspective, and deliver Data Vault success. Please join us for a bit of fast-paced fun from an excellent speaker! Joining details will be sent out by email a few days before the event. ------------------------------ JOHN GILES BIO John Giles is an independent consultant, with a passion for seeing ideas taken to fruition. For 3 decades his focus has been on data modelling and architecture, with a more recent interest in Data Vault modelling. He is a Fellow in the Australian Computer Society, and completed a Master’s degree at RMIT University, with a minor thesis comparing computational rules implementations using traditional and object-oriented platforms. He is the author of “The Nimble Elephant: Agile Delivery of Data Models Using a Pattern-based Approach” and “The Elephant in the Fridge: Guided steps to Data Vault success through building business-centered models”.

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