What we're about

1. What's the purpose of the group?

UNAPOLOGETIC is a community for women in their 20s. This is a space where women can create meaningful connections and become unapologetically themselves!

Oftentimes, women are expected to fit a certain mold. Society’s imposed expectations of who we should be and who we shouldn’t can feel like a heavy burden to carry. This can be especially difficult for young women who are in the process of finding out who they truly are. Our goal is to create a space that connects women of all ethnicities, races, sexualities, and backgrounds. We want you to feel safe exploring femininity, engaging in self-exploration, growing, and most importantly, creating authentic connections with other like-minded women.

2. Who should join?

This group is for women in their early to late 20s. You must come with an open heart and an open mind. If you are not one for challenging discussions, appreciating new experiences, or leaving your comfort zone, this may not be the group for you.

3. What will you do at your events?

The topics we discuss and the activities we do will vary. Some examples of topics are: discussions centered around the intersections of identity; sexuality; mental health; physical health; standards of beauty; relationships; friendships; societal expectations of women; boundaries; reclaiming your power and becoming a badass female. Because we will be having conversations and exploring topics that can be challenging and require vulnerability, our CARE values will be of utmost importance!

CARE = Curiosity, Authenticity, Respect, and Exploration.

The activities we do will all share a common theme: pushing us to lead our best lives. This will include coffee chats, short hikes, meditation, workouts, creating art (in any medium), exploring mental health, etc.

As the group grows and we accumulate resources, our goal will be to invite guest hosts, speakers, and eventually rent venues!

Past events (3)

New Year Picnic: Self-Empowerment and Change Workshop

Crissy Field

Exploratorium After Dark + White Elephant (Optional)


Welcome To UNAPOLOGETIC: Coffee Chat

Blue Bottle Coffee

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