What we're about

{We are now doing online events.}
In this time of the pandemic and economic uncertainties, we are welcoming you to an opportunity to connect to a wider audience - to engage and build businesses collaboratively and in a much larger community.
We are a community of business people & solopreneurs in the United States who wish to connect with South East Asian (Singaporean) small businesses and solopreneurs and eventually with other global counterparts or customers.
Having direct access to more than 120,000+ other business owners, solopreneurs and visionaries in the US, Canada and UK, we have the capacity eventually connect South East Asia to these communities as well. We are excited and willing to do the work to make this happen.
Our aims are to:
1. Facilitate these connections - directly via opportunities or referrals to customers or to joint venture or partnership opportunities.
2. Educate and foster learning about the cultural, business, socio-political requirements for doing business in both South East Asia as well as in the United States of America.
Our longer term vision: to connect entrepreneurs globally via our meetup network and other collaborative business oriented networks.
We are a group of entrepreneurs and visionaries who reside or travel back and forth between these two areas: South East Asia and the US - who wish to facilitate more connections and understanding on how to do business - business to business and also to discover customers for our businesses who are not in business.
These are the kinds of events we will be hosting: (mostly free of charge)
1. Networking events and opportunities to connect.
2. Educational workshops or training events.
3. and much more.
Please join our group now.
We look forward to meeting you.
On behalf of our other collaborative partners,
Sunil Bhaskaran, Organizer
Please also join our sister group in South East Asia: https://www.meetup.com/SE-Asia-US-Business-Connections-Networking-Educational/

Please Join This Group ASAP.
See you very soon. 
Sunil Bhaskaran

More information on Sunil
WEBSITE: https://sunilbhaskaran.com/
LINKEDIN: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sunilbhaskaranspeaker/
ALIGNABLE free to join:  https://www.alignable.com/san-jose-ca/global-business-marketing-networking

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Our twice a month Nationwide Business Networking events (we have people from all over USA, Canada and globally attending)
typically get 30-50 attendees (business professionals and owners).
To learn more, please go to https://nationwidenetworking.co/

To get a list of all our business networking and educational groups and to learn about them or join them, please go to
https://sunilbhaskaran.com/events/  and scroll down to see the list.

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