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If you want to invest in real estate but are sick & tired of the sky high prices in our local market, why not look to the south, across the border, where you can buy a property for less than the price of a new car!

Our group is dedicated to helping Canadians understand the foreclosure process in the USA (it's different in every state!) and leverage the strong Canadian Dollar and weakened USA real estate market to diversify their real estate portfolio. Investing in the USA is easy and straightforward, but if you're not a resident, there are things you'll need to learn along the way.

This group is dedicated to helping Canadians get all of the facts and information when it comes to buying property in the USA, including, but not limited to:

• Options for funding your deals
• Identifying markets
• "Virtual" Real Estate Investing
• Anatomy of a deal
• Where to find the best deals
• Tax implications for Canadian buying US real estate
• Passive investing without actually owning the real estate
• Plus MUCH, much more

We look forward to seeing you at our next meetup, so please RSVP today!

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