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About the Presentations:

Apache Mesos is an open source distributed systems kernel designed to enable efficient resource utilization across computer clusters.

Mesos is built using the same principles as the Linux kernel, only at a different level of abstraction. The Mesos kernel uses centrally managed distributed components that run on every node. It provides a way of deploying tasks across 100’s or 1000’s of machines with efficiency and automated monitoring and operation.

Mesos has been adopted in production by Twitter, Yelp, Uber, Netflix, Verizon Labs, L.A. Times and other leading companies.

Like the Linux kernel, additional components, run on top of or alongside Mesos to deliver features like service discovery, load balancing, authentication, etc. DC/OS (data center operating system) is an open source project that can be viewed as a Mesos distribution that starts with Mesos, adding a suite of other certified interoperable components.

DC/OS delivers an enterprise app store-like solution, designed to allow enterprises to deploy applications across public clouds and physical datacenters in a way that abstracts out differences to remove platform lock-in.

Part One will be an introduction to Mesos and DC/OS. The two level scheduler, and modular architecture of Mesos set it apart from other container orchestrators. This flexibility allows it to run subsidiary tiers of application specific scheduler/orchestrators such as Spark, TensorFlow, and the recently announced CNCF certified Kubernetes on DC/OS which will be demonstrated.

Part Two will move on to applying Mesos and DC/OS as a flexible and ready built platform for running streaming data and machine learning workloads. This popular SMACK Stack (Spark, Mesos, Akka, Cassandra, Kafka) is based on this technology and the platform’s flexibility has allowed to track new developments in the analytics and ML space. We will also cover running TensorFlow workloads on DC/OS (Apache Mesos)

About the Presenters:

John Dohoney works with Mesosphere as a Solution Architect as part of the Customer Success team. John's interests are Device Hacking, Stand-Up Paddle Boarding, and hiking. John is a local and lives in Chino, Hills, CA.

Steve Wong is an engineer on the {code} team, a group contributing to Apache Mesos, DC/OS, Kubernetes, REX-Ray and other open source projects – sponsored by Dell Technologies. Steve has been active in Mesos and Kubernetes for that past 2+ years.

About the Location:

After turning off of Jefferson on to Alla Road, there is free street parking at the first right Coral Tree Place. From there you can enter the Reserve business park at the Gate 1 main entry which is the gate near the end of the road, or via a pedestrian entrance near gate 2.

Space 900 is the large building that is closest to the Gate 1 main entrance.


Thanks to {code} (Dell Technologies) for providing the food and drinks.

Special thanks to Verizon Digital Media ( for hosting this meet up and providing food, BEveERages and live stream ( Follow the VDMS engineering team on twitter at @engage_vdms ( and tweet your thanks.

Live Streaming Information

This presentation will be live streamed via Uplynk ( which is part of VDMS and uses the Edgecast network for content delivery.

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Note live streaming is somewhat problematic, the stream should come up sometime after 6:30PM on the day of the event. If some cases a new hangout may need to be created so keep an eye on the comments section of this meet up page for any last minute changes.