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World Wide Wearables

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Do you wear a FitBit, own a Pebble or are you a Google Glass explorer? Perhaps you're just interested in the wearable space. If so, join us for an insightful discussion on the present and future of Wearables. Outside of these more well-known products - there are several others making their way into the wearable tech space including: Smart Watches (LG’s G Watch), Activity Tracker (MisFit Shine), Lifeloggers (Narrative Clip) and Medical Sensors (Reebok Checkflight). And a Nod Gesture control ring that allows a user to make a phone call, change TV channels and more by gesturing.

Just as Desktops made way for laptops, laptops made way for mobile, will wearables be the next form-factor shift?

Below are a few of the wearable products coming to market. UX Breakfast welcomes users of any of these or other wearables to bring their device, share their observations and join the conversation.

The UX Breakfast Club, sponsored by The Los Angeles User Experience Meetup group and Vitamin T (, provides a setting to discuss emerging topics related to User Experience or emerging issues in the field.

The UX Breakfast Club will meet on Saturday at 9:00 AM at Cafe Laurent in Culver City. The event is free. You will notice that you are required to place a deposit when you submit your RSVP. Your money will be refunded if you attend. Knowing how many will be attending allows us to make the reservation at Cafe Laurent.

Please review the menu ( and make your selection before coming to Cafe Laurent. This will help save time so the event can begin promptly. Be sure to stay focused on the conversation topic during the gathering.

Only those with an "attending" RSVP status may join the event. If you are interested in the gathering and it's full, please join the waiting list. Spots often become available at the last minute. So, watch your email and maybe even set a rule or filter.

Any last minute event cancellations or significant changes will be announced via email and Twitter. Please check your email and/or our Twitter updates before the gathering.

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VitaminT ( has been kind enough to sponsor the entire event series! When you see them next, reach out to them and say thank you.

Adding a screen shot from one of Mary Meeker's awesome Internet Trends decks ( Points out the form factor shifts we have and will continue to experience including the very real potential of Wearables.

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» Check out the huge collection of free online courses (, including classes covering UX design. It all can be found on the Aquent Gymnasium ( platform.

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