UX investigates the rise of Trump: *Experience Mapping Workshop*

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UX investigates the rise of Trump: Experience Mapping Workshop

The Trump problem is affecting our lives in a big way regardless of geography. There's a lot of upset and anger, but what can we do to make something bad into something useful. How can we create a pathway to a solution? There are either Protesters or Followers of the Trump regime, but not really any initiatives that aim to help review and resolve the complexity of the situation.

AGENDA: Collaborative Saturday Workshop to map out the Trump problem and explore a journey to a solution, via Experience Mapping.

To take inspiration from UX Elder Steve Krug
~ we'll split into small groups to start mapping out a problem state by asking:

1) Where are we? } = Trump & society right now

2) How did we get here? } = Trump Timeline to Whitehouse

3) What can we do here? } = UX Vs Trump 1/2 Day Workshop to find out

4) Where do we go from here?

Anyone who's interested in UX'ing the crap out of the rise of Trump [ #uxbants ] and how, what, why he has this presence.

UXers, Project Managers, Content Strategists, Data Scientists, Developers, Copywriters... anyone who is interested in creating something to solve a problem.

Email us : [masked]
Follow us: @ux_community and our hashtag if you feel like it to mark moments during the event #uxbants #uxtherapy


DISCLAIMER- We are only here to have fun. So if you are offended by any trump related discourse please take it with a pinch of salt. We are not promoting, or demoting any values here so please come with an open mind and a warm heart :-)