"Last Night UX Design Saved My Life" - Real v Fake Innovation in Health UX.

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What do you get if you cross a Golden Triangle with a Silicon Roundabout? A growing band of UK entrepreneurs hope the answer will be a globally competitive hub for innovation in “digital health” or “healthtech” as it has become known as.


For Tickets for the event please click here (https://healthcareux.eventbrite.co.uk)


Companies operating at the intersection of technology and medical science are attracting increasing attention — and finance — as the digital revolution that has reshaped sectors such as retail and banking begins to transform healthcare.

As in other areas, our friends across the pond in the US west coast are leading the way with companies including Fitbit, the maker of wearable fitness monitors, but the UK is starting to fightback and we know have some really exciting companies like Babylon Health, and Touch Surgery leading the way in this space.

With the market evolving we are expecting more Service Design innovations as previously archaic designs are being UXed up as prior to this- there was no service design or UX in place. On the flip side of this we are seeing medical devices that do not make sense, we appear to have an obsession with buttons that complicate instead of simply. An increasing amount of items have been over designed and now with the increase in technological advances there appears to be a feeling that we are not tackling the real problems.

So in this MeetUp that we are running in conjunction with our friends at the Clinical UX Association (CUXA), we will be looking to answer the following questions-

1. What is innovation in digital health and health tech?
2. What can we learn from past projects, both good and bad?
3. What healthcare problem situations should we be prioritising
4. What does the future hold for healthcare UX?

We will also have a few presentations from some companies in the Healthtech space. If you would like to present please get in touch by emailing [masked]

Panel members
Dr Gyles Morrison - Clinical UX Specialist, Founder of the Clinical UX Association, and Co-Founder of UX Community

Elisa del Galdo - Head of Customer Experience at Blue Latitude Health.

Nuno Almeida- CEO at Nourish.

Ian Mawhinney- CEO at Rapid Rhythm.

Holly Brenan- Senior UX Strategist at ustwo

Further Speakers TBA

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- YouTube recording of the event will be available on private channel, to be released to all participants after the event