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Tech Circus is a networking and educational events company specialising in User Experience, Product and Design. Founded in 2015, our flagship event 'The UX Crunch' has quickly grown to become one of Europe's leading UX events.

We host a range of monthly events in collaboration with leading companies in the UK and Europe to deliver key insights and take-homes about a variety of topics and areas within user experience, product and design. Our events are strictly learning and education focused with no hidden agendas or sales pitches involved!

Following the success of our events in both London and Manchester, we are excited to bring the event to the wonderful city of Amsterdam!

For more information, visit: https://techcircus.io/past_events/ux-crunch-amsterdam/

To see our lineup of current ONLINE UX Crunch events, visit: https://techcircus.io/future-events/?_sft_category=online-events

Above is the information regarding the physical UX Crunch meetup. Currently we are hosting all of our UX Crunch events ONLINE via the platform www.techcircustv.com (http://www.techcircustv.com/)

Find out more information on Tech Circus TV by visiting this website. (http://www.techcircustv.com/)

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Check out our new online , virtual conferences: The BAD Conference & the eCommerce Design Summit!

The BAD (Behaviour & Design) Conference is a full day of live-streamed talks on UX Psychology: https://thebadconference.com

The eCommerce Design Summit is a full day of live-streamed talks on UX in Digital Commerce across Retail, Travel & Leisure: https://ecommercedesignsummit.com/london

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UX Crunch - Design Leadership Panel

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Get a taste of what's to come at the next instalment of our popular Business X Design conference.

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About this Event...

Mark your calendars because on 2nd September 2022, Tech Circus will bring you Business X Design, the conference dedicated to the craft of design in the business. Join us in the virtual space following its hugely successful first year in November 2021. This year, we are launching BXD in-person live in London for the first time.

We have some of our exciting Business X Design speakers lined up for this special UX Crunch session. Get ahead of the curve and hear from Debbie Levitt (CXO, Delta CX), Mani Pande (Head UXR, Driver and Delivery, Lyft), and Natalia Framil (Head of UX & Creative Director, Amazon) for a panel discussion around Design Leadership.

Be sure to tune in for this one, as we're bound to drop a few early tips and tricks and perhaps (if you're lucky) an offer of some sort. Make sure you're around to find out more.


Sunil Pithwa (Senior UX Designer, Aviva) and Isobel Crawford (Design Team Manager, Tech Circus)

Debbie Levitt, CXO, Delta CX
Mani Pande, Head UXR, Driver and Delivery, Lyft
Natalia Framil, Head of UX & Creative Director, Amazon

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Business X Design Online

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The Business X Design Conference is returning online for it's second year!

Join us on Stage 1 where we will be introducing business frameworks to start amplifying the potential of their design skills within the business setting. This track is for Design practitioners who have technical design skills but wish to develop practical business frameworks and soft skills which help them present their designs confidently in a business context.

Or perhaps you would like to take a look at what's happening on Stage 2, dedicated to redefining what it means to “scale design”, we want to move away from a discussion of ‘scaling teams’ and instead, focus on how we scale the value of design to the business. This day will be aimed at senior design leaders sharing what it means to be a business executive, who is accountable for a design capability and helping their organisations mature how they leverage design.

Get your tickets now - https://businessxdesign.io/en/events/bxd-conference-online

Can't make the whole day? Every ticket comes with INSTANT on-demand access, so you can catch up on anything you miss!

Business X Design London

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Our Business X Design Conference is coming to London this September.

The nature of this event is to amplify the impact of design as a core capability of business, and design’s responsibility to demonstrate its contribution to both business and human outcomes.

We will follow the evolving business maturity of the designer, as they move from senior practitioner through to leader and how it changes the expectations of the role.

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The Global NFT Summit Online

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