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Join us at Venture Cafe for: "Generative Design, Presented by PTC"

Since the dawn of time, humans have felt the need to be creative. And we have used that creative need to be the driving force behind some of the world’s most revolutionary innovations (think: the wheel, the light bulb, modern refrigeration, and personal computers). But just as we have the need to create, we also feel the need to improve upon our creations. Consumers, hungry for the Next Big Thing, sit at the ready to have their minds blown. And innovators are left in a constant state of forward thinking. Innovation fatigue is real, and can be a challenge in this digital age that shows no signs of slowing down. So what if there was an easier way? What if we could use Artificial Intelligence, a field growing more sophisticated by the day, to do some of the heavy lifting? Enter: Generative Design.

This week we’re welcoming experts from PTC, ABI Research, and Markforged to talk about how Generative Design is revolutionizing the world of manufacturing, and what the future of AI-driven design looks like.

The traditional design cycle of feedback loops and restarts has been revamped. Using Machine Learning to enhance human talent, a new process known as Generative Design creates hundreds of product solutions by taking manufacturing into account from the start. With their strategic vision combined with leading, field proven technology, learn from PTC how you can get your product to market faster.

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Keynote 5:30-6:00 PM (Havana):
Jesse Coors-Blankenship is coming to Venture Café to talk about Generative Design. A pioneer in Generative Design and former CEO and founder of Frustum, Jesse will share his knowledge and story. Learn what Generative Design is, it’s impact on industry, why it’s revolutionary, and who should be engaged.

Panel 6:00-7:00 PM (Havana):
Hear from experts about Generative Design and what it means to them and their business. Take the opportunity to ask questions and learn about how Generative can impact products we use every day. Ryan Martin, ABI analyst, will talk to Jesse Coors-Blankenship, PTC Generative Design pioneer, and Tripp Burd, 3DP expert at Markforged.

Generative Demo 5:00-8:00 PM (Octave):
See Generative Design in action. Learn what the Generative Design team at PTC team is doing to integrate new innovative AI technologies into the design process.