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The difference in success between two tech businesses offering the same product, particularly in our generation is one key thing that's often overlooked, USER EXPERIENCE.

For a long time the perception behind UX has been purely product design yet UX is a combo of users, product & business. This group is for all trying to master how to understand your users, to build a product that people need & are willing to pay for as well as hack business models for your target markets.

Here we don't only learn how to design products, we empower each other to be outstanding Pan-African entrepreneurs who's two biggest skills are problem solving & building scalable businesses. Mastering UX will enable us to build products that are useful, usable, desirable and ultimately adoptable. We gladly welcome both techies & non-techies :)

Join us on slack here https://join.slack.com/t/ux-kitchen/shared_invite/zt-eqq3hd4x-EN0MCKTdpc_PShx~aJUilQ

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User Experience Impact : Industry, Reality & Knowledge.

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It’s past mid-year already, indeed.. what is a 2020? Regardless of the scene I do hope you and yours are doing better than okay. A big win is that UX Kitchen is now slightly over 1200 members! Shangwe na vigelegele :P This August, topic of month is UX Testing and we shall kick it off with a webinar on August 6th 5:30-7pm, by Aldrich Huang. The topic will be: User Experience Impact: Industry, Reality, and Knowledge. Aldrich Huang is the CEO & Co-founder of UXTesting.io , Global mentor of UXPA and Board member of UXQCC. He is also the main organizer of the Savvy UX Summit. With several years of working experience in the field of legal, business development, and user experience strategy, he firmly believes that the better user experience will bring joy to your users and the diversity will bring more value for your organisations. Here’s actionable learnings you can expect from the webinar on August 6th. 1) Mindset Shift - From practitioner to contributor 2) Don’t be afraid of the data and business - Communication skills between stakeholders 3) Be an influencer - design debugs the world To help you get maximum value from the session, please answer these 4 questions. https://forms.gle/JiKFaRgZwwifq2ZS6 We'll share the zoom link a day before. See you this then, bring a friend :) Cheers!

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