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Many of us have fond memories of the playgrounds we discovered as a child. Through curiosity, play, experimentation, and companionship, we acquired new skills that help us to navigate and make sense of the world we are living in. We believe that this approach is fundamental to user experience design and learning.

UX Playground is therefore dedicated to provide this safe and creative learning environment, to foster collaboration, experimentation, and play.

We collaborate with members, industry partners, and sponsors to run events that offer insights into the real-world application of user experience design, its challenges, and opportunities.

We frequently organise talks, run courses and workshops, where members meet experts and work together to gain knowledge, learn new skills and practice.

Check out the upcoming events and join us for an inspiring event.

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Designing for government

Department for Education

Our first ever UX Playground event in Manchester. I am proud to announce that we have teamed up with the Department for Education in Manchester for the next event. About the event This is an introduction to designing for government, and in particular for people in the education system. You'll hear about some of the challenges DfE digital teams face as they design, build and iterate services to meet user needs. And they'll explain how they learn from those challenges and how they use their insight to iterate their services. There will also be a discussion about the ethics and use of personality data in government. This session will give you an understanding of: - why designing government services is such an exciting challenge - what can be achieved from bringing the right skills to solve the right problems - how the DfE is becoming more user-focused and the value of user-centered design - the ethics of good service design and the social responsibility that comes with being a service designer Agenda 6:30 pm pizza and drinks 7:00 pm Introduction to Design in DfE 7:30 pm discussion about personality data and short exercise 8:00 pm announcing raffle winners 8:15 pm happy end About DfE Digital DfE Digital is part of the Department for Education (DfE). We're transforming DfE so we can better deliver policy outcomes that meet our users' needs. We do this by leading cultural change, improving people's leadership and digital capability, and delivering excellent services. Let’s get together to collaborate, invent and create. I look forward to another UX Playground event and hope you will be joining us. Chakib A big thank you to eSynergy and DfE for sponsoring this event.

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