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UX Salon is a group dedicated to promote the profession of User Experience Design. Join us if you're interested in collaborating with others, learn or contribute to ideas on User Experience and Design.


UX Salon 2019. 2 days of inspiration, education and skills development for user experience and digital product professionals.

On March 10-11, 2019, join us in Tel Aviv to learn and inspire from the world’s most influential speakers, designers and creative minds.

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UX Night at Google Campus - with Tal Florentin and Inbal Argov

Google for Startups Campus

Only once in a while we get the chance to view the behind-the-scenes of UX and product work. As an agenda, we decided to share as much as possible from our professional work. Especially, since we have a unique point of view – after moving from UX design to company lead and product management positions but still letting UX lead the way. Summurai is positioned to improve the meeting point between people and content in the digital world. In this presentation we will share what we learned along the way, what worked and what didn’t and mainly – what we think we do differently, and try to provide some practical tips for designers, product managers and entrepreneurs. RSVP HERE: https://uxnightapril2019.eventbrite.com Act 1 – From B2C to B2B: - Brief overview of previous chapters: - UX for content websites - The journey of Summurai in the world of B2C - Moving from B2C to B2B and understanding the journey of product-market-fit - Getting to know the business of content Act 2 – Understanding content motivations: - The business of content from a product point of view - The user experience of content marketing - Business motivations vs User motivations and what everyone is missing Act 3 – Rethinking content interactions: - Making Summies work - From tech-based to people based - Making audio content work and finding the right tone of voice - The process of creating SummyBoards and fine-tuning human interactions with user tracking - UX for sales – from quotes to real-time live demo Act 4 – Tracking and sharing your product analytics: - Building your own analytics - Product motivations vs business motivations - The UX of analytic reports - What’s next Tal Florentin. one of Israel’s leading UX professionals, 2014 UX Award winner, Founder and lead speaker at UXV certification program. CEO at UXVision and Founder of Summurai. With Inbal Argovת VP of Product, Summurai Forbes 30 Under 30 Agenda: 18:30: Snacks & Coffee / Networking 19:00: Welcome & Intro 19:05: Presentation: Tal Florentin 20:25: Open Salon Discussion *This presentation will be in Hebrew

UX Night in Jerusalem (3 Talks) - Designing with Machine Learning

We will discuss How Artificial Intelligence Could Help You Design a Better User Experience. This month, are collaborating with Urban Place Jerusalem to bring 3 inspiring UX Design talks to our capital, Jerusalem. RSVP HERE: https://uxnightjerusalem2019.eventbrite.com Agenda: 18:30 - Registration and Networking 19:00 - Practical Machine Learning for the Human Experience - Allie Vogel, UX Designer, Booking.com 19:25 - From the Other Side of the Interface- Coding User Experience - Irit Elad, Senior Product Designer, Lightricks 20:00 - Designing with Machine Learning. Nurit Peres, Senior Product Manager, HARMAN Automotive Cybersecurity 20:30 - Ends == Talk 1 == Practical Machine Learning for the Human Experience UX Designers, must bridge the gap between Artificial Intelligence to real human behavior and emotion. Allie will share examples and best practices for using Machine Learning. Allie Vogel, UX Designer, Booking.com UX Designer at Booking.com, Allie has gained insights about leveraging UX skills in a machine learning oriented environment. She aims to provide actionable frameworks for designers and product managers wanting to utilize machine learning that focuses on the holistic human experience. == Talk 2 == From the Other Side of the Interface- Coding User Experience What does user experience design look like when we design AI products? We give our tool the wisdom to answer and react to user needs, but what about the experience? Can we teach our code how to be polite, aggressive or gentle? In this lecture i’ll tell you about our marketing product: a tool that started as a pop-up and groun to be a sensitive, intelligent, sophisticated creature. How user stories guided us to design the interface on one hand, and the code itself on the other. Working between UI designers to developers to create a visual representation and artificial intelligence that are working together for best user experience. Irit Elad, Senior Product Designer, Lightricks Irit Elad product designer and user experience expert. led the field of product design, branding and user experience in a large number of projects in start-ups and enterprises. Studied first degree in Photography and Communication, second degree in Internet and New Media Communication, and diploma in UX design. Currently working as a senior product designer at Lightricks LTD, Lecturer and mentor in the field of user experience design. == Talk 3 == Designing with Machine Learning In this talk, Nurit Peres, Senior Product Manager, HARMAN, We'll share from her experience, how to design for Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence while keeping the user's trust. Nurit Peres, Senior Product Manager, HARMAN Automotive Cybersecurity

Fail:UX 2019 - 5 Glorious UX Failure Stories and Lessons Learned

Failure is success if we learn from it. Join us as 5 designers will come on the grill for our annual UX Salon Fail:UX 2019 SAVE THE DATE

Design Operations Workshop (DesignOps)

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This workshop helps design leaders and managers apply service design mindsets and methods to their organization so they can increase their value in the organization and work more efficiently in design teams. Full description and Registration here: http://www.uxsalon.com/design-operations-workshop/

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UX Salon 2019 - Conference

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