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UX is to often misrepresented by opportunists, it is misunderstood by businesses, clients, project teams and even other UXers. There needs to be a sanctuary, where those who want learn effective UX can come, where real, professional UXers, and those who want to understand the purpose, value and process of real UX can gather, free from the ingress of misrepresentation and fragmentary, contradictory explanations, where we can share a clear single process, learnings, insights, war stories and help each other grow and improve, ensuring a secure and purposeful future for real UX.

This group won't be for everyone. If you like unicorns or doing UI with your UX then this WON'T be the group for you. But it is for those who want to take their UX career to the highest levels of competency, to learn from experts and to get a clear understanding of what UX does, how it does it and what value it delivers to the business, the user and our team mates. We will clarify UX's role in everything, what tools are best, how to approach projects, how to grow your UX maturity model and how to deal with the every day and extraordinary challenges we face when introducing and carrying out UX in a company.

It doesn't matter if you are a junior, mid weight or senior, a business or project leader, an unrelated project discipline, the UX Sanctuary will help you do better UX or understand UX better.

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