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What we're about

This is an online, global UX group.

UX is to often misrepresented by opportunists, it is misunderstood by businesses, clients, project teams and even other UXers. There needs to be a sanctuary, where those who want learn affective UX can come. Where real, professional UXers (not UX/UI unicorns or designers), or those who want to understand the purpose, value and process of real UX can gather, free from the ingress of misrepresentation and fragmentary, contradictory explanations, where we can share a clear single process, learnings, insights, war stories and help each other grow and improve, ensuring a secure and purposeful future for real UX.

This group won't be for everyone. If you like unicorns or doing UI with your UX then you WON'T enjoy this group. I promise.

But it is for those who want to take their UX career to the highest levels of competency, to learn from experts and to get a clear understanding of what UX does, how it does it and what value it delivers to the business, the user and our team mates. We will clarify UX's role in everything, what tools are best, how to approach projects, how to grow your UX maturity model and how to deal with the every day and extraordinary challenges we face when introducing and carrying out full UX.

It doesn't matter if you are a junior, mid weight or senior, a business or project leader or an unrelated project discipline, the UX Sanctuary will help you do better UX and understand UX better.

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The Purpose of UX

Online event

The purpose of any discipline is what gives it value, consistency, uniqueness and a road map toward improvement.

Before we can all reliably and consistently agree, with any conviction, what UX best practices and standards are, what the best UX process is, what the most valuable UX deliverables are, what the best UX tools are or what the scope of UX is, we have to agree one thing...

We have to agree on what the purpose of UX is.

- No business can take UX seriously if its practitioners cannot agree what it is or how it works. They don't know how to use or engage with UX.

- No one can enter UX and be sure that's what they're learning or doing without first being clear on its purpose.

- No recruiter can hire successfully for a role that has 20 different titles and limitless interpretations.

It is leading to pitiful outcomes, allowing others to claim-jump UX for themselves, and could lead to the death of possibly the most valuable discipline in modern business today - UX.

It sounds obvious but there is so much contradictory opinion about UX, its process, scope, best tools, future, democratisation, place in Agile, place in Design Thinking, if its one role or many, etc that it's making us look like incompetent hobbyists.

We lack consistent standards so some try to impose standards from DevOps, Agile, industrialisation, Six Sigma etc. Those standards do not work because UX is not them.

We need the crucible of purpose to examine all the aspects of UX within.
Once we agree on the purpose, we will all end up at the same processes, deliverables and tools. There will be no arguments or opinion. Only optimisation that allow us all to deliver on the purpose of UX.

This talk will present you with the unique value of UX and allow us all to evaluate that. Hopefully we will all leave more aligned and positive about why UX is so special.

I look forward to your input, questions and unique rational UX minds :)


Topic: UX Sanctuary - The Purpose of UX
Time: Mar 25,[masked]:00 PM London

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