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UX Talks is for people involved in the Product Design or UX Design of digital products. Be it design, research or content - or perhaps you are from an engineering or product background and want to learn more about design - we hope that you will learn, connect and be inspired by attending this group!

Our event is fast-paced, interactive and a great way to share knowledge with fellow designers and learn from industry leaders.

Past speakers have included people from technology companies both in Ireland and internationally such as: Microsoft, Google, Poppulo, Glofox, McKesson and many more!

Other (numerous!) ways to get in touch..
Email - hello@uxtalks.io
Website - https://www.uxtalks.io
Twitter - https://twitter.com/ux_talks
Linkedin - https://www.linkedin.com/company/ux-talks

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UX Talks - José Torre, Shopify

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About the Talk
As designers, you most likely chose your career because of your love for creativity and storytelling. Today, designers are increasingly asked to quantify and measure every decision, have strong business acumen and carry huge ethical responsibility.

Through all of that, you may be wondering, where is there space for the creativity and passion that ignited your love for design?
In this talk, José will share how he’s injected joy into highly complex domains, like automation tooling, and how he’s used creative storytelling to shift perceptions around design systems.

About José
Since 2006 José has been fortunate enough to say that he is paid to do what he loves, solving problems with design. José currently works at Shopify, as a Staff Designer in the Polaris team, and from time to time he likes to reflect on what he does, so he writes, draws, makes videos and gives talks because he believes sharing knowledge is the key for personal growth.


  • 6:30pm Introduction
  • 6:40pm Presentation
  • 7:15pm Q&A
  • 7:30pm Close

UX Talks October - Figma Design Session

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Brew a coffee, fire up Figma and spend an hour and a bit in the company of fellow designers, honing your prototyping skills! We'll work on a fictional project brief, or non-profit cause scoped to the time available and split into teams to design something together.

At the end we will have a short summary and critique session. The team with the best design will receive.. acclaim and admiration - possibly even a prize (Note: there may not be a prize!)

Why so you ask:

  • Make new design friends outside your usual company/college/house - exchange notes, keyboard shortcuts, resources, fun facts!
  • Get practice presenting and critiquing design work in a relaxed and safe environment
  • Learning design by pairing with another designer
  • Great way to get started on some work you can build on for your portfolio

All this and more from the relative comfort and safety of your own home!

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UX Talks - Q&A with Erika Hall

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