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What we’re about

UX for Change is a London-based meetup, dedicated to bringing the UX design community together in order to tackle problems from any non-industry related fields, such as education, charities and the public sector.

The format of this meetup is as follows:

- A speaker from one of these fields will present a challenge to the audience.

- A group of seasoned UX Designer panelists will then identify where UX methodologies and artifacts can be used to tackle this challenge.

- Immediately after the delegates will work in teams with the main purpose of applying their own experience as well as the suggestions provided by the panel into an actual deliverable (paper sketch or a digital prototype).

The main mission of UX for Change is to create a platform, where UX designers can come together and make a difference in communities where there is little to none UX design resources and where their involvement would make a significant difference to their day-to-day experience.

This meetup is produced by Axure London.