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Designing for multiple screens: PC, mobile, tablet, TV

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Michal Levin will speak about how to design a product or service for multiple screens. She will demonstrate solutions by leading companies developing one product, and nurturing one brand, while tailoring the experience per the unique specification of each screen. Michal is a UX designer at Google. She had previously served as UX specialist at Modu, and Senior UI Architect at TSUR.

Guy Atzmon, VP Creative at SundaSky, will explore the user experience behind SmartVideo - personalized, dynamic videos that enhance user engagement. Through several real life customer examples, Guy will speak about the process of creating and optimizing SmartVideo templates.

Roy Yogev, Partner at Nascent (an innovation consultancy firm), will speak about designing the Infinite TV exchange (ITX) for NDS. The project involved designing a multi screen, multi platform (Web and mobile) for creating the largest online content marketplace by NDS. The challenges involved in the project: Designing an online scheduling system and content negotiation, as well as an EPG (Electronic Program Guide) for multi-screen experience on a number of mobile devices.