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If you have any interest in how psychology plays a role in user experience design, this is not to be missed. This meetup will again offer some great insights and discussion on design, with takeaways you can immediately adopt in your own work.

We are delighted to welcome Amy Bucher to UX Belfast!

All design is about changing behaviour. Any time you expect a person to interact with your product, you're asking them to change their behaviour from what it would be if the product didn't exist.

Amy focuses on crafting engaging and motivating experiences that help people change behaviours that contribute to physical, mental, and financial health and well-being.

With an MA and Ph.D in organisational psychology, Amy has distilled her experience and insight into her new book "Engaged: Designing for Behavior Change", published by Rosenfeld Media.

'Engaged' offers practical and actionable advice for design professionals to apply the psychology of engagement to their work.

Amy will offer an overview of thinking and process detailed in the book, and will be available for questions on the night.

Find out more about Amy at and follow her on Twitter @amybphd.

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Andi Jarvis is a speaker, trainer, podcast host, and Strategy Director with Eximo Marketing. In the Strategy Sessions podcast, Andi interviews expert marketers from around the world. In between it all he runs a fundraising project, Friends Of, where marketing and design professionals volunteer to provide consultations to small businesses in return for a donation to a local charity.

Why do people make bad buying decisions? Why do customers behave in strange ways? Andi will address these and other questions based on a number of behavioural psychology studies, and illustrate how 'People are Predictable'.

Find out more about Andi's work at, plus his speaking & training at He can be found on Twitter @andjarvis

To thank our guests for their time we'll be making a donation to their two nominated charities:
From Amy - FriendshipWorks reduce social isolation in Boston by matching volunteers to older adults in need of assistance

From Andi - BarnardosNI works with young people and families across Northern Ireland to promote better outcomes and build better futures.

UX Belfast has made donations have been made to these charities in lieu of appearance fees by our guests. Please learn more and consider donating at the links above.

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