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Speaker Presentation: Four Data-Driven Ways to Overcome Redesign Drama

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 Speaker Presentation: Four Data-Driven Ways to Overcome Redesign Drama


Don’t let office politics keep you from creating the fresh, user-friendly site your organization deserves. This presentation covers how to use data to illuminate your current site’s issues and sell stakeholders on content overhauls and design improvements. The presentation includes the following takeaways:
– The three types of “back seat drivers” who can derail your website redesign project – and their top concerns.
– How to use data to respond to common redesign questions and concerns
– Get tips for presenting this technical, data-heavy information to an executive audience

Emily Patterson (@EmilyLPatterson) is the founder of Bee Measure, an agency that helps nonprofits use data to create more effective websites and digital marketing campaigns. She started the company in 2016 by drawing on her experience at Public Broadcasting Service and Better Business Bureau. Emily believes that data can help organizations of all sizes work smarter and do more with limited budgets. When she’s not getting nerdy at work, Emily enjoys the outdoors, reading and sampling Charlottesville’s many breweries. Emily is also a PMI-certified Project Management Professional.
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