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UXPALA is a non-profit 501(c)6 Business League. Our focus at UXPALA is Service and Education to the UX and Tech community.

The Los Angeles chapter of The User Experience Professionals Association (UXPA) International (http://uxpa.org/) is the 3rd largest world-wide.

Our chapter and membership are here to support user experience professional's (advanced, entering, transitioning, students and all related) in advancing their knowledge and use of usability, research, accessibility, and best practices. To accomplish this, our chapter focuses on service, education, and volunteering through events, workshops, and mentoring.

Our members encompass a wide variety of disciplines, including product and service strategy, design, research, content, and development. We are colleagues in pursuit of a common goal: better products and services, better working, and better living through usability, accessibility, research and collaboration.

More information about UXPA and our local LA chapter can be found on the "Pages (https://www.meetup.com/UXPALA/about/)" tab.

UXPA International is a global professional association devoted to assisting new and established professionals in the user experience disciplines. Through networking, publications, conferences, and classes, UXPA can help you hone your skills and deepen your involvement in the UX community.

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Partner Event: World IA Day 2019

Creative Technology Center

****RSVP ON PARTNER EVENTBRITE:*** https://www.eventbrite.com/e/world-ia-day-2019-tickets-50877358549 Update: Early Adopter Ticket Registration ($15.00) Opening on 12/15/18 and Ending 01/15/18 Help us to build World IA Day LA World IA Day runs on the efforts of a passionate and dedicated volunteer team. When you get your tickets early, your support does the most good - it empowers us to get the resources we need to make the event a success. DESIGN FOR DIFFERENCE. Emerging Tech At World IA Day 2019 Los Angeles we will explore how designers currently working with emerging technology are designing for difference and discuss how to cultivate a more mindful practice of design, raise community awareness and inform our practices. We invite you to join in the discussion, make new friends and see familiar faces. Why Attend? World Information Architecture Day is dedicated to the empowerment of local leaders. Our celebrations inspire the global growth of information architecture as a community of practice and we value diverse thoughts and thinkers in our celebrations. Community. Connect with 150+ designers, developers, and leaders. Ideas. Experience and discuss groundbreaking work that will reshape the landscape. Growth. The challenges we face demand bold thought and decisive action. Working together, we will forge new networks and put theory into practice. Inclusion. We bring together people from all different backgrounds and disciplines. Our celebration - and our community - are open to all. Early Adopter Ticket opening Dec. 15 Stay tuned via our Twitter @wiadLA https://twitter.com/wiadla or signup for our email announcements! https://twitter.us14.list-manage.com/subscribe?u=362f7abd04485fcae12c6bc84&id=36edd7fa37 ****RSVP ON PARTNER EVENTBRITE:*** https://www.eventbrite.com/e/world-ia-day-2019-tickets-50877358549

Partner Event: World IA Day San Gabriel Valley

C4 Creative Studio /Entertainment

**RSVP at Partner Eventbrite** https://www.eventbrite.com/e/world-ia-day-2019-san-gabriel-valley-tickets-54568591125 DESIGN FOR DIFFERENCE - Design is for EVERYONE At World IA Day 2019 San Gabriel Valley we will be discussing how accessibility and inclusivity plays an integral role in any project or experience a person develops or design. As a team of librarians, data managers, designers, and developers we understand that designing for inclusivity and accessibility lives outside of just websites or technologies and can be utilized in other realms. We invite you to join us for a day of lively discussion, interactive workshops, and friendly networking. Why attend? World Information Architecture Day is dedicated to the empowerment of local leaders. Our celebrations inspire the global growth of information architecture as a community of practice and we value diverse thoughts and thinkers in our celebrations. LEARN about information architecture and how you can utilize it in your own projects OR learn how you may already be using it! ENGAGE with other like-minded colleagues and make new friends from different backgrounds and disciplines. ENJOY a day of lightning talks, networking, and an interactive workshop. MORE INFO AND SPEAKERS LIST AT EVENTBRITE LINK BELOW! **RSVP at Partner Eventbrite** https://www.eventbrite.com/e/world-ia-day-2019-san-gabriel-valley-tickets-54568591125

Partner Event: Open IDEO LA - Ethics of Design


**RSVP ON PARTNER EVENTBRITE** https://www.eventbrite.com/e/kick-off-2019-with-ethics-of-design-tickets-56855319792 Join the OpenIDEO Los Angeles Chapter to kick off 2019 with a discussion around the ethics of design. Be it selling data like Cambridge Analytica or merely using the "hook" model to increase engagement, there are a lot of ways to look at the ethics of design. But have you ever stopped to think where you stand? Join us for an interactive workshop discussing how ethics intersects technology and design, and think through your own philosophy through group activities. Not to mention connect with fellow designers and innovators. Perfect all backgrounds, design beginners and seasoned vets alike. Our event will be held a new and perfectly suited location for our future ideation, Collective Future. Collective Future is a strategic-innovation studio and lab that prototypes future scenarios to explore emerging opportunities, realizable outcomes, and territories beyond today’s possibilities. Details: - Thursday Feb. 28th 6:00pm - 8:30pm - Tickets only $5! - Purchase tickets at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/openideo-los-angeles-chapter-ethics-of-design-tickets-56854142270 - Join us at 6:30 to meet and mingle, the discussion starts at 7:00 sharp! - Tons of street parking nearby. - Light snacks will be provided. More About Collective Future: Every endeavor needs to imagine what its next step requires. We are a strategic-innovation studio and lab that prototypes future scenarios to explore emerging opportunities, realizable outcomes, and territories beyond today’s possibilities. Our process involves a combination of storytelling and design, informed by deep research, and viewed through a human lens. Through our experience in transforming systems, we develop fresh insight to approach real-world problems, then help unleash innovative solutions and scalable transformations through your organization. Inherently multidisciplinary, we unite design and strategy with deep experience working with enterprise businesses, innovation groups, start-ups, and institutions. We look ahead — and build a bridge back to today. **RSVP ON PARTNER EVENTBRITE** https://www.eventbrite.com/e/kick-off-2019-with-ethics-of-design-tickets-56855319792

Partner Event: Gathering to Honor the life of our friend Jessica Brown

***RSVP on LAUX*** https://www.meetup.com/ia-55/events/259103009/ ---- Jessica was briefly a part of Leadership of UXPALA and we miss her.---- As some of you may know, we lost our dear friend Jessica Brown recently. Jessica was a LAUX Organizer and Volunteer in addition to being a designer and our friend. We are deeply saddened by her passing. We wanted to provide a space to honor her and allow the community to heal from this devastating loss. We will be gathering at Kluge on Friday, March 1 from 7-9pm in Jessica's honor. Our theme is belonging. Please join us to celebrate Jessica's life and contributions to our design community. The evening will include: Art Sharing Please feel free to bring a poem, an instrument, a piece of art, a piece of writing, a craft, anything you like to share passively or actively with the group. Wall of support We'll write notes of support for Jessica, her family and for each other. Conversation This event will be largely unstructured. There will be plenty of time for conversing with one another. Live Feed We'll have some friends joining us from outside LA. Let us know in the comments here if you're planning to join remotely as well. Since this is a community event, we'd love your support with food and drinks. Please either Venmo @lex-roman ($5.00 is enough and be sure to say "LAUX" in the subject) OR bring something to share with everyone. Thank you in advance for helping us keep this low cost. Hashtags: #jsscbrwn @LAUXmeetup View the lovely tweets about how Jessica is so very missed. https://twitter.com/search?src=typd&q=jsscbrwn&lang=en ***RSVP on LAUX*** https://www.meetup.com/ia-55/events/259103009/

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PARTNER EVENT: Embracing Change


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