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World Usability Day 2016 - Sustainable [Green] UX Design and Virtual Reality

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World Usability Day 2016 - Sustainable [Green] UX Design and Virtual Reality

We get messages from HR, and tag lines on emails to “Save a Tree” and “Refrain from Printing.” Our office kitchens and break rooms have the requisite receptacles to separate waste into recycling categories. There are bright blue plastic paper bins waiting to gobble up printed paper to recycle and renew into a pristine state. Cities are populated with the ever present Prius and the new “affordable” Tesla and the US Federal Government just this month, designated 48 electric vehicle charging corridors along 25,000 miles of major US highways ( And yet global warming marches on.

We believe cliches like books on PDF are more environmentally friendly, but are they?

We are familiar with the traditional green efforts that study human behavior of time and process to measure renewable effectiveness as well as recycling and organics programs. But these traditional means produce limited success in creating emotionally connected, long-term environmentally friendly behaviors.

Currently, most of us design for technology like web, mobile and tablet devices that produce short brain waves causing nothing more than “tech addiction” with little to no empathetic results. This is not so with Virtual Reality (VR) or the “Empathy Machine.” ( VR creates long, behavioral change brain waves by allowing the user to step inside a story, enabling them to connect via an emotional experience.

As UX and Product Designers, we have the opportunity to design products and services that both improve user experience and increase the CONVENIENCE of “Environmentally friendly behaviors.” Designing for VR is a means to impactfully change how we behave, feel and think and to shift the tide in creating positive, sustaining environmental changes for our planet.

Tonight we welcome Jonathan Levy ( founder of Zero Waste P ( who will speak on efforts to change sustainable green behavior through traditional means and identify all-to-common behavioral obstacles.

We are also honored to welcome Dr. Pete Markiewicz (, Co-Founder/CTO of IndieSpace (, author of many books (, Co-Chair of Sustainable Design Community, and who’s passion and specialization is in "sustainable," "evergreen," or "future-friendly"web design and programming. Dr. Markiewicz ( will dispell some of our current myths of green behavior in our digital world as well as why VR is important to sustainability and how to design for this complex platform.


After the talks, Dr. Markiewicz and Jonathan Levy will join Tyson Woeste ( Founder of Transported (, a VR platform for the real estate world for a Q&A panel to answer your questions and continue the discussion on designing products and services that both improve user experience and increase the CONVENIENCE of “Environmentally friendly behaviors.”


Dr. Pete Markiewicz ( — Author, Founder/CTO
Dr. Markiewicz combines the unusual skillset of a STEM Background (Molecular Biology and Evolutionary Biology) with Web/Interactive Design and Development. He is also an expert on US generations, and a co author with acclaimed generational theorists William Strauss and Neil Howe of Millennials and Popular Culture (Lifecourse Associates,, a guide to the impact on the newest US generation on technology and entertainment. He has conducted numerous seminars on generations for the arts and entertainment industry.

Jonathan Levy ( — The Zero Waste Guy
On September 28th, 2012, Levy quit his well-paying, stable, "respectable" job and changed his life. Upon his return to Los Angeles in January 2013, he was introduced to the California Resource Recovery Association where he earned a certificate in Sustainable Resource Management. Since then he has consulted with a variety of trash haulers and organizations on recycling and organics diversion projects, including Republic Services, Los Angeles, Unified School District, Los Angeles Sheriff's Department and Los Angeles County Department of Public Works.


Tyson Woeste ( — Founder, Transported VR
Woeste is a technologist with a career spent building amazing things — products, brands, and teams. He is deeply passionate about the intersection of business, technology, and design. His interests include enjoying and preserving our wild spaces, thinking about the future, sustainable energy and transportation systems, autonomous vehicles, design, and VR.


6:30 — Check-in, Network, Refreshments
7:00 — Business, Sponsors, Community
7:30 — Jonathan Levy
8:10 — Dr. Pete Markiewicz
8:50 — Panel / Q&A
9:20 — Raffle


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