How Neuroscience and UX Impacts Game Design

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The hottest game of 2018 is Fortnite. The kids are out on the streets dancing it. The game is generating over $300 million revenue per month. The success boils down to the simplicity of its user experience. This is a great opportunity to learn from Celia Hodent who worked at Epic Games on Fortnite how UX skills are applied in the games industry.

UX and neuroscience are becoming trendy in the games industry, but how can these disciplines concretely help a team to develop a game? Some game designers might think that this knowledge is not easy to apply, or even fear that it will distort the experience they intend to offer. However, UX and neuroscience (mostly cognitive psychology) combined are at the service of game design, and can provide very concrete and easy-to-use methods to anticipate and solve design problems. By having a general understanding of how the brain works and by following UX guidelines, the designers increase the chance of their audience experiencing the intended design. This talk will offer an introduction to user experience and cognitive psychology applied to video game development, illustrated by examples from various titles, including Fortnite.

Join us afterwards for a late happy hour at Karl Strauss (walking distance from the event) to mingle with the speaker and community members from IGDA San Diego, Women Who Code, UX Speakeasy, San Diego Unity Group, and Designing Women.

Celia Hodent is recognized as a leader in the application of user experience (UX) and cognitive science in the game industry. Celia holds a PhD in psychology and has over ten years of experience in the development of UX strategy and processes in video game studios. Through her work at Ubisoft (e.g. Rainbow 6 franchise), LucasArts (e.g. Star Wars: 1313), and as Director of UX at Epic Games (e.g. Fortnite), she has contributed to many projects across multiple platforms, from PC to consoles, mobile, and VR. Celia is also the founder of the Game UX Summit, advisor for the GDC UX Summit, and author of The Gamer’s Brain: How Neuroscience and UX can Impact Video Game Design. She currently works as an independent consultant, helping studios increase the likelihood of their games to be engaging and successful.

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