The Evolution of a New UX Design Resolution

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Jared Spool is opening our 2019 Speakeasy Speaker Series at Qualcomm with his latest talk. Registration desk opens at 6pm and the event starts 6:30pm. We'll continue with a happy hoppy hour afterwards at Karl Strauss (9675 Scranton Rd).


Design works on many levels. We can zoom in to the screen level, looking directly at what in the interactions on a single screen or page. We can zoom out a little to look at an entire application’s design, understanding how screens work together. Or we can pull back to an organization level, working to connect applications and other services together.

Looking at design through different levels of resolution helps us answer some important questions. Is there a difference between UX and UI, and if so, how does that change how teams should operate? What is the relationship between product design and service design? How do we start preparing for what comes next?

In this entertaining talk, Jared explores the relationships between these new levels of resolution. He’ll introduce you to a level of design beyond the organization level and you how we’ll need to start designing beyond organizational boundaries, and what that implies. He’ll introduce you to the pioneers of this new design area, and explain the process by which designers everywhere will need to develop their expertise.

Jared will show you:

* Where designers fall into the dangerous trap of thinking too narrowly about their career

* How there’s still a frontier of unsolved issues that pioneering designers need to explore

* What the relationship between pioneers, settlers, and town planners are, when it comes to design craft

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Most of us know Jared, however, here is the introduction just in case:

Jared M. Spool is a Maker of Awesomeness at Center Centre/UIE. Center Centre is the school he started with Leslie Jensen-Inman to create industry-ready User Experience Designers. UIE is Center Centre’s professional development arm, dedicated to understanding what it takes for organizations to produce competitively great products and services.

In the 39 years he's been in the tech field, he's worked with hundreds of organizations, written two books, published hundreds of articles and podcasts, and tours the world speaking to audiences everywhere. When he can, he does his laundry in Andover, Massachusetts.