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The UX Crunch is London’s largest user experience networking events company. User experience is one of the hottest debatable subjects within the digital world at the moment, with networking and learning key for UX professionals who are keen to develop their careers. In a contract-heavy market, it’s always great to network with hiring managers and meet potential connections that could help you secure your next contract. We approach our networking events in a unique way by hosting our events at various venues around London, showcasing the workplaces of some of the top user experience companies. By always including a stellar line up of industry experts with new and exciting topics of discussion, we aim to create a new phenomenon within digital networking; making cutting edge events and opening up possibilities of collaboration within the UX community.

Our Junior UX Crunch events offer the same top-notch industry insight but with a lower price point to encourage younger UX designers to get involved and see what the UX Crunch has to offer.

Our events often offer free drinks and food as well as some of the most inspirational user experience guest speakers in the industry. We welcome people who are looking to get in UX and find out more about the area. Recruiters and hiring managers are also welcome and we encourage jobs and opportunity networking in an ever-changing and evolving industry.

Host an event

We are always looking for major companies to host events. Hosting is free, however you will be expected to provide food and drink for the attendees as well as a space large enough to hold more than 60 people.

Hosting an event is a great way of getting exposure to a huge user experience audience. This helps promote your brand name, encourages people to join your organisation and gives you a great way of promoting to your clients/customers. Those hosting the UX Crunch can promote the event on their social media platforms to demonstrate support for the UX community and you take pride in your website’s usability. For more information, contact info@digitalshowcase.co.uk

Sponsor UX Crunch

UX Crunch is Europe’s largest monthly UX meet-up with hundreds of user experience professionals attending each month, Why not become a partner and be seen by over 3000 UX attendees across networking events throughout the year. We are looking for three sponsors for 2016 to partner us in our events.

Why Sponsor us?

 Generate new leads

 Build brand presence and raise profile in the UX community

 Forge strategic partnerships and joint ventures

 Support the UX community

 Network with industry people

 Use us in your sales pitches to client’s, candidates and via your marketing info

What you will get as part of the package:

 Overall sponsorship of the event, with a particular focus on keynote sessions.

 Branding throughout pre-publicity across all communications channels (website and email communications), plus high visibility during the event in networking areas, event screens, agenda, attendee packs.

 Recognition at opening and closing of each event by presenter.

 Advertise your brand within the event using banners

 Have your name included on our website and meet-up groups

 Have you name printed on all our name badges

 Post jobs on our UX Crunch website

 Gain free sponsor tickets to all our events and offer them to your staff, candidates and clients

Upcoming events (5+)

UX Crunch: Manipulation by Design


UX Crunch: Manipulation by Design Featuring some of the leading designers, data scientists and creative directors in the UK, this event will look at persuasive design, Cambridge Analytica and Facebook as well as whether certain design practices played a part in the spread of fake news, propaganda and misinformation during the EU Referendum. We'll be joined by; Daniel Harvey - Head of Product Design & Brand - The Dots Professor Karen Pollitt-Cham - Professorial Lead Connected Futures & Digital Transformation Design - Brighton University Phil Bonhard - Customer Experience Lead - Lloyds Banking Group Lauren Pleydell-Pearce - Executive Creative Director - PwC ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TICKET ONLY EVENT > http://bit.ly/2VC4XQS Please make sure you purchased a ticket to secure your place! Price includes entry to the event, plus drinks and Pizza! Tickets are NON-REFUNDABLE as we have to purchase the correct amount of food & drink. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ OUR PARTNERS TESTING TIME > testingtime.com/en/ Knowit > knowit.co.uk/ Seamless.ly > seamless.ly/ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ TALKS & DISCUSSION TICKET ONLY EVENT > http://bit.ly/2VC4XQS Daniel Harvey - Head of Product Design & Brand - The Dots Daniel Harvey is Head of Product Design & Brand at The Dots, “The Linkedin for Creatives.” He is a passionate advocate for diversity in the creative industries and sits on the board for Creative Equals. Weaponised Dissent: A Primer on Propaganda in the 21st Century. Featuring; Karl Rove, Vote Leave, Mark Zuccerberg and Vladislav Surkov Professor Karen Pollitt-Cham - Professorial Lead Connected Futures & Digital Transformation Design - Brighton University Professor Karen Cham has spent the last ten years working with EEG and other biometrics to perfect the art of Cognitive UX full for stack, human centred, Digital Transformation Design. She is a critical design practitioner and an expert in 5G UXD, Cognitive Patterns & Data Ethics. Since the Cambridge Analytica scandal, we all now know that algorithms have the power to deliver what seems "suitable" to us based on our internet history, and ‘nudge’ our behaviour to the extent of changing electoral outcomes. Game over? Phil Bonhard - Customer Experience Lead - Lloyds Banking Group Dr Philip Bonhard is the Head of Customer Experience at Lloyds Banking Group. Not only do we live in a 24/7 always on society, where products and services are available at your fingertips; we also live in a "post truth" world, where facts often don't matter as much as "alternative facts". Digital designers, UX, UI, SD, or whichever acronym you prefer, have an increased responsibility to not only ask whether they're building the product right (i.e. will it convert), but also whether we're building the right product and what impact it has on its target audience and everyone else. In this presentation Phil will look at the ethical implications of digital product design and what designers can do to help build a better world. Lauren Pleydell-Pearce - Executive Creative Director - PwC Lauren Pleydell-Pearce is the Executive Creative Director at PwC and is listed as one of 30 Female Creative Trailblazers in the UK. Lauren is a proud supporter of Creative Equals and SheSays UK and serves as a D&AD Judge. Currently charging ahead blindly in the world of Consulting by helping craft beautiful experiences for the Global Fortune 500 as well as supporting start-ups and innovative market challengers. Talk info to follow... TICKET ONLY EVENT > http://bit.ly/2VC4XQS

The eCommerce Design Summit 2019

Cavendish Conference Centre

Welcome to ECOM DESIGN SUMMIT 2019! The eCommerce Design Summit is a specialised 2-day Summit, which will pull together the world’s most innovative eCommerce brands; to discuss their Product Design, Experience and Strategy. Day one is all about Retail and day two explores Travel & Leisure. The overarching message of the summit is to highlight the importance of customer-centricity in delivering successful eCommerce platforms. The aim is to explore the wider product design lifecycle and showcase how an experience-led strategy, when aligned with business goals, can help shape products to increase customer engagement & retention, as well as subsequently better conversion rates for the business. Our ambition is to create a dialogue across the eCommerce community, to accelerate the transformation of digital commercial services for generations to come. Come along and join us, to see how the industry's leaders and innovators approach customer-centricity across their digital commerce platforms, from landing page to check out and beyond. We'll be discussing; product strategy, selling 'experience' to your business, how to approach the delivery of wonderful omni-channel experiences for your user base, the role emerging technology is (and will be) playing in future commerce, and much more! Some of the confirmed speakers so far: Vanessa Kirby - Head of UX @ Marks & Spencer Kevin Lee - Head of Design @ Visa Mel McVeigh - Product & UX Director @ Opposite Days Greg Tariff - Senior Manager of Product Design @ Groupon Caroline Wiryadinata - Design Manager @ OpenTable Vicky Carroll - Product & Design Team Manager @ Hostelworld Group Supriyo Roy - Product Design Manager @ FLIPKART Yolanda Martin - Head of Platform Product Design @ Farfetch Martyn Reding - Head of UX @ Virgin Atlantic Alex Tatner - Experience Design Lead @ TFL Raymond Ho – Product Design Manager @ Zalando By offering great case studies and actionable ‘take-homes’ from some of the world's eCommerce leaders, we want to offer a platform for dialogue within the eCommerce design community, emphasising the importance of personalised retail experiences and hopefully helping propel the eCommerce industry forward. www.ecommercedesignsummit.com

FinTech Design Summit 2019

Cavendish Conference Centre

www.fintechdesignsummit.com Following a hugely successful flagship event, the second annual FinTech Design Summit will take place on Friday 12th of April 2019. The FinTech Design Summit is the only conference in the world that pulls together innovative FinTech specialists to discuss product design, UX and strategy. By creating a melting pot of expert designers within the FS community, we hope to accelerate the digital transformation of our Financial Services for generations to come. Over 300 mid to senior level professionals working directly on the design and development of financial products will be present; representing over 200 FinTech related agencies and brands at the top of their game. Situated in the stunning Cavendish Conference Centre on the world-famous Oxford Street, London; FDS is accessible to all and will feature a number of international guests. Ten world-class speakers (including Dan Makoski, Duena Blomstrom, Kevin Lee and Megan Caywood), will take to the stage to discuss how traditional financial products are being disrupted through clean, innovative, experience-led design. Featuring a hand-picked lineup, two panel discussions, a networking after-party and lunch break, plus video access to all talks post-event; don’t miss out on the world’s only FinTech conference full of “take home” content to help inspire your progression in the field of Product Design. For more information check out www.fintechdesignsummit.com

UX Crunch Meets Draw Group: Designing for Large Corporate Engagements

UX Crunch Meets Draw Group: Designing for Large Corporate Engagements. In a world where the ideals of UX craft are often in tension with the loudest, most immediate business pressures, how can we work together to create the best outcomes despite the circumstances in which we operate? It's a regular scenario: the client expects an outstanding outcome but prevents the team from achieving that outcomes. Senior stakeholders making ‘gut-feel’ design decisions, not investing in user testing, making constant technology changes and then asking why the project is under performing. TICKET ONLY EVENT: http://bit.ly/2TMp16I Join us for another fantastic evening of theoretical insight, case studies, discussions and more as we explore some of the biggest frustrations that UX practitioners might typically experience on large corporate engagements and how we work together to mitigate them. Featuring; Kent Valentine - Managing Director - Draw Group Rob Robinson - Creative Director - Draw Group Jared Hill - UX Lead - Draw Group Adiran Oest - Principal Designer - Draw Group ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ TICKET ONLY EVENT: http://bit.ly/2TMp16I Please make sure you purchased a ticket to secure your place. Price includes entry to the event, plus drinks and Pizza! Tickets are NON-REFUNDABLE as we have to purchase the correct amount of catering. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ THE UX CRUNCH Tech Circus is a networking and educational events company specialising in User Experience, Product and Design. Founded in 2015, our flagship event 'The UX Crunch' has quickly grown to become Europe's leading UX event. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ DRAW GROUP Draw Group is a Digital Agency working recently acquired by Oliver Wyman. Their focus is delivering digital strategy, user experience design, web development, CRM, and front and backend development. They focus on outcomes, not outputs. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ TICKET ONLY EVENT: http://bit.ly/2TMp16I Tuesday 16th April @ Draw Group Join us for this UX Crunch Meets Draw Group. With top quality content, there is a lot to get through and so we have a tight schedule; doors are opening at 6.00pm and talks starting at 6.30pm sharp. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ TALKS AND DISCUSSIONS More information to follow... TICKET ONLY EVENT: http://bit.ly/2TMp16I

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