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The UX Crunch is London’s largest user experience networking events company. User experience is one of the hottest debatable subjects within the digital world at the moment, with networking and learning key for UX professionals who are keen to develop their careers. In a contract-heavy market, it’s always great to network with hiring managers and meet potential connections that could help you secure your next contract. We approach our networking events in a unique way by hosting our events at various venues around London, showcasing the workplaces of some of the top user experience companies. By always including a stellar line up of industry experts with new and exciting topics of discussion, we aim to create a new phenomenon within digital networking; making cutting edge events and opening up possibilities of collaboration within the UX community.

Our Junior UX Crunch events offer the same top-notch industry insight but with a lower price point to encourage younger UX designers to get involved and see what the UX Crunch has to offer.

Our events often offer free drinks and food as well as some of the most inspirational user experience guest speakers in the industry. We welcome people who are looking to get in UX and find out more about the area. Recruiters and hiring managers are also welcome and we encourage jobs and opportunity networking in an ever-changing and evolving industry.

Host an event

We are always looking for major companies to host events. Hosting is free, however you will be expected to provide food and drink for the attendees as well as a space large enough to hold more than 60 people.

Hosting an event is a great way of getting exposure to a huge user experience audience. This helps promote your brand name, encourages people to join your organisation and gives you a great way of promoting to your clients/customers. Those hosting the UX Crunch can promote the event on their social media platforms to demonstrate support for the UX community and you take pride in your website’s usability. For more information, contact info@digitalshowcase.co.uk

Sponsor UX Crunch

UX Crunch is Europe’s largest monthly UX meet-up with hundreds of user experience professionals attending each month, Why not become a partner and be seen by over 3000 UX attendees across networking events throughout the year. We are looking for three sponsors for 2016 to partner us in our events.

Why Sponsor us?

 Generate new leads

 Build brand presence and raise profile in the UX community

 Forge strategic partnerships and joint ventures

 Support the UX community

 Network with industry people

 Use us in your sales pitches to client’s, candidates and via your marketing info

What you will get as part of the package:

 Overall sponsorship of the event, with a particular focus on keynote sessions.

 Branding throughout pre-publicity across all communications channels (website and email communications), plus high visibility during the event in networking areas, event screens, agenda, attendee packs.

 Recognition at opening and closing of each event by presenter.

 Advertise your brand within the event using banners

 Have your name included on our website and meet-up groups

 Have you name printed on all our name badges

 Post jobs on our UX Crunch website

 Gain free sponsor tickets to all our events and offer them to your staff, candidates and clients

Upcoming events (5+)

The UX Crunch Meets Amazon Alexa - Designing for Voice

TICKET ONLY EVENT: http://bit.ly/2I01isl With the Alexa Skills Kit, anyone can easily teach Alexa new abilities by building a skill. Similar to a traditional user-interface, the way that customers interact with skills is through a voice user-interface. However, designing a voice interface while delivering outstanding experiences to your customers, requires much more than just implementing a menu of commands... Join us as we sit down for another fantastic evening of key insight, case studies, networking as we explore the best practices for designing voice user interfaces, how to maximise the usability of your voice experience, and designing for a voice economy. Featuring; Andrea Muttoni - Sr. Solution Architect | Tech Evangelist - Amazon Alexa Ben Sauer - Director of Conversation Design - Babylon Health Rob Farnell - Creative Director for Voice + ai - BBC ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ TICKET ONLY EVENT: http://bit.ly/2I01isl Please purchase a ticket to secure your place. Price includes drinks and Pizza! Tickets are NON-REFUNDABLE as we have to order the correct amount of catering. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ AGENDA 6.00pm - 6.30pm: Drinks and Networking 6.30pm - 7.30pm: Intro and Talks 1 &[masked]pm - 7.50pm: Drinks and Networking 7.50pm - 9.00pm: Talk 3 and Q&A Panel 9.00pm: Leave venue & head to The Crown and Shuttle for continued networking! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ TALKS & DISCUSSION Andrea Muttoni - Sr. Solution Architect | Tech Evangelist - Amazon Alexa Andrea is a Technical Evangelist for Amazon Alexa. In this role, he is travelling the world to share stories, learnings and best practices for building voice-enabled experiences, aka Skills, with Alexa. Before that, he worked on both sides of software development as a full stack developer and as a product manager. When not prototyping new Alexa Skill ideas or championing the needs of developers, he enjoys composing music and working on cool ideas using AWS. UX Best Practices For a Voice-First World Alexa, the brain behind Amazon Echo, allows users to interact with productivity tools, games, health, and many other Skills. Giving users the freedom to speak naturally comes with many design challenges. In this session, we’ll explore a new way of designing Alexa skills that moves away from flowcharts and instead represents voice interactions as a deck of cards, ready to be played in every situation. Ben Sauer - Director of Conversation Design - Babylon Health Ben Sauer is Director of Conversation Design at Babylon Health, formerly of Clearleft. He's worked with organisations like the BBC, Pearson, Tesco, and TCS to raise their design game. He’s been speaking about and training people on the topic of voice UI for several years; particularly in how to rapidly design conversational experiences. Teams at Amazon and the BBC use his methods, and through O'Reilly, he's trained folks at NASA. Rob Farnell - Creative Director for Voice + ai - BBC Rob Farnell is Creative Director for Voice + ai at the BBC and has been working there over 5 years. Previously lead for the iPlayer TV Platform he is now part of an exciting new department who are helping to define the role of voice + ai at the BBC. The team have already scooped awards from uxuk and the Webby’s for the BBC Kids Skill on Amazon and recently launched an Interactive news service on google for the Indian elections. Rob will talk about emerging principles for voice that guides the work achieved at the BBC. How do you design for multi-language multi-platform publishing and how do you use contextual research to help inform the product strategy? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ TICKET ONLY EVENT: http://bit.ly/2I01isl See you soon!

UX Crunch Meets EY-Seren

EY-Seren Limited

TICKET ONLY EVENT: http://bit.ly/2H9vRdo Experience shapes industries, transforms business performance and helps companies build ever deeper and more profitable relationships with customers. With a deep heritage in design research, and a well respected service design practice EY Seren is fast becoming one of the biggest and best experience design teams in London. Backed by EY (one of the BIG four) EY-Seren create transformational growth opportunities in products and services for some of the biggest clients around. Join us as we sit down for another fantastic evening of theoretical insight, case studies, discussions and more from the Product Design team, Service Design Team and Design Research Team at EY-Seren. Featuring; Matthew Goodacre – Senior Design Researcher Victoria O’Callaghan – Lead Service Designer Gemma Osgood – Senior Product Designer Will Duncan – Product Designer Will Shaw - Principal Service Designer ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TICKET ONLY EVENT: http://bit.ly/2H9vRdo Please make sure you purchased a ticket to secure your place. Price includes entry to the event, plus drinks and Pizza! Tickets are NON-REFUNDABLE as we have to purchase the correct amount of catering. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- EY-Seren Experience shapes industries, transforms business performance and helps companies build ever deeper and more profitable relationships with customers. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ THE EVENT With top quality content, there is a lot to get through and so we have a tight schedule; doors are opening at 6.00pm and talks starting at 6.30pm sharp. Please arrive on time to avoid missing the first talk. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ TALKS AND DISCUSSIONS Matthew Goodacre – Senior Design Researcher Matthew has spent the past six years conducting design research for clients from world-renowned sports organisations and television brands to healthcare and financial services, working on projects both local and global in scope. Matthew has a background in Digital Anthropology and runs Anthropology in Industry, a meet-up event for anthropologists working in a commercial setting. Victoria O’Callaghan – Lead Service Designer Victoria is a Service Design Lead at EY-Seren. A background starting in sexual health research, digital strategy and a stint as a brand planner (that we don’t talk about) have given her a diverse skillset to use when tackling the issues that come with being a human today. Secretly, she quite enjoys her job, although she says she’d rather be left alone to contemplate the nature of truth and existence. Gemma Osgood – Senior Product Designer Hi I'm Gemma, a Product Designer with a curiosity for the human mind and drive to solve real-world problems and enhance people's lives. Since joining EY Seren 8 months ago, I’ve been having fun working on complex problems for a cruise giant and your local bank. Will Duncan – Product Designer Since joining EY Seren earlier this year, Will has worked on a number of projects including designing a new European challenger bank from scratch. Before EY Seren he freelanced helping startups, schools and charities deliver a great user experience on a budget. He also worked in San Francisco at Y-Combinator alum Fat Llama, helping their users get started with peer-to-peer item renting. Will Shaw – Principal Service Designer Will Shaw is a Service Designer and Experience Consultant and has been Principal Service Designer at EY Seren for 9 months. His formal design training was in Urban Design and he spent some years designing streets and parks and squares before making the transition to digital and ultimately to Service Design.

BAD conference (Behaviour And Design Conference)

Greenwood Theatre

The BAD (Behaviour And Design) Conference is a one-track, one-day conference on the 20th June; BAD is dedicated entirely to understanding the cognitive drivers that make humans tick. With a strong emphasis on psychology, we're set to bring 400 design specialists to the quirky Greenwood Theatre in London. We shall discuss how, when designing experiences, investing in understanding the psychology of your user is paramount. We will have a full roster of PhD-holding speakers, ranging from global brands like Google, to some of the most prestigious university lecturers and pioneers of psychology-driven design. Find out more about the event at www.thebadconference.com

UX Crunch: Design Systems

Wework Moorgate

TICKET ONLY EVENT: http://bit.ly/2FFAMTG The UX Crunch: Design Systems A Design System is the single source of truth which groups all the elements that will allow the teams to design, realise and develop a product. With Design Systems becoming a key part of everyday work, it is becoming more apparent that, in the future, every brand and every product will use a Design System. Whether simple or comprehensive, strict or loose, mono or cross platforms... Join us for a fantastic evening of theoretical insight, case studies, networking and more! We'll be joined by; Chris Thelwell - Design Director - EY Seren Martin Dowson - Head of Design Language and Design Operations - Lloyds Banking Group Damon Macklin - UX Director - Labstep ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ TICKET ONLY EVENT: http://bit.ly/2FFAMTG Please make sure you purchased a ticket to secure your place! Price includes entry to the event, plus drinks and Pizza! Tickets are NON-REFUNDABLE as we have to purchase the correct amount of drink. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ THE UX CRUNCH Tech Circus is a networking and educational events company specialising in UX Design, Fintech and Search. Founded in 2015, our flagship event 'The UX Crunch' has quickly grown to become Europe's leading UX event. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ OUR PARTNERS TESTING TIME TestingTime AG has been recruiting and supplying selected test users for user tests, interviews, focus groups, diary studies and online surveys since 2014. There are no professional testers or “study junkies” in Testing Time's pool. Their members know that they can only take part in tests at a maximum rate of one per month and one per customer. They also validate candidates over the phone and let customers rate test users to guarantee a high-quality panel. That’s why Testing Time's online portal www.testingtime.comfrequently gets business from the likes of Zalando, Swisscom, Deloitte, UBS, AXA, Trivago and Heineken. Knowit Knowit is a niche recruitment agency that specialises in building Product, Engineering & UX Design teams across London, Manchester and the USA. What makes them different? A community-driven approach, an emphasis on continuously learning about their respective markets and an unparalleled network. Knowit’s unique process doesn’t just build your team or find you the right role; they help you to develop your talent strategy and interview processes, support you with your interviews and work with you to improve your CV. Seamless.ly Seamless.ly® connects people and exchanges all relevant details with the touch of a button or by sending an invite. It's specifically designed for people that regularly attend meetups or events, meet with clients and connect with new people in the office or from behind their computer. Gone are the days of manually entering and updating contact details in your phone or searching for that business card of the person you met at an event last week. Download Seamless.ly today and start building real connections. Seamless.ly. Connected. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ AGENDA 6.00pm - 6.30pm: Drinks and Networking 6.30pm - 7.30pm: Intro and Talks 1 &[masked]pm - 8.00pm: Drinks and Networking 8.00pm - 8.45pm: Talk 3 and Q&A Panel 8.45pm: Leave venue & head to a local bar for continued networking ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ TALKS AND DISCUSSIONS Chris Thelwell - Design Director - EY Seren More info to follow... Martin Dowson - Head of Design Language and Design Operations - Lloyds Banking Group More info to follow... Damon Macklin - UX Director - Labstep More info to follow...

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