UX Vienna Evening Meetup


What happens at the UX Vienna Evening Meetup?

We gather at 7pm and supply ourselves with drinks. We welcome our first-time visitors, order dinner online and do a round of introduction.

We plan tonight's meetup topics. Geeks like myself prepare a talk with slides, and pre-announce it on http://uxvienna.at/ongoing/. Others improvise and shout out a subject they want to discuss. Both ways are fine.

We try to make a more or less strict agenda with ~3 topics - each time-boxed with 30 min. So we will be done with the topics around 9pm and have some more casual talks and in-depth-discussions afterwards. We do that in order to keep some focus on content and that nobody is bored with a topic he's not interested in.

Collaboratively we document each UX Vienna Evening Meetup at http://uxvienna.at/ongoing/. Check out to see what kept us busy and what you have missed so far.

We do speak English if non-german-speaking guests are present. Otherwise we speak German.

UX Vienna Evening Meetup are on the 2nd Tuesday of every month – 12 times a year.

UX Vienna announcements are available at http://meetup.com/uxvienna. In addition you can follow us on https://uxvienna.at or https://twitter.com/uxvienna .

I am looking forward to seeing you!