Distributed Databases: Deep Dives and DIYs

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Uber Engineering NYC welcomes the tech community to join us for an evening of refreshments, fun conversation and deep dive presentations on modern distributed databases. We're joined by our friends at CockroachDB, represented by their co-founder Peter Mattis who will kick off the evening with a presentation on parallel commits in CockroachDB. He will be followed by Uber engineer Richard Artoul, who will provide a practical and accessible introduction to the fundamentals of distributed databases.

Thanks to our host, Uber Eng NYC, there'll be plenty of opportunity for Q&A, networking, and pizza so come mix with the wonderful NYC tech crowd at Uber's Midtown office.

5:30PM - Doors Open
6:00PM - Introduction by Simon Robb
6:10PM - Parallel Commits by Peter Mattis
6:40PM - Q&A
7:00PM - A DIY Distributed Database in a Weekend by Richard Artoul
7:30PM - Q&A
7:45PM - Networking
8:30PM - Event Ends

Parallel Commits - Peter Mattis, CockroachDB
In this talk, Peter will discuss the need for parallel commits, explore how the protocol works and explain the benefits it provides. He will conclude his presentation by relating the protocol back to some foundational theory in CS.

A DIY Distributed Database in a Weekend - Richard Artoul, M3DB
M3DB is Uber's open-source, distributed TSDB designed for massive write throughput. Richard Artoul from the M3DB team will present his talk, "A DIY Distributed Database in a Weekend," which explains how he was able to build a horizontally-scalable high-throughput TSDB in a weekend with the help of FoundationDB. This presentation explores many of the important concepts underpinning M3DB's architecture, and is an excellent primer for getting started building your own databases.

*About the speakers*
Peter is the co-founder of Cockroach Labs where he works on a bit of everything, from low-level optimization of code to refining the overall design. He has worked on distributed systems for most of his career, designing and implementing the original Gmail backend search and storage system at Google and designing and implementing Colossus, the successor to Google's original distributed file system. In his university days he was one of the original authors of the GIMP and is still amazed when people tell him they use it frequently.

Richard Artoul is a software engineer in the Core Storage organization at Uber and the tech lead on the M3DB project, Uber's open-source distributed time series database.